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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Turn a tweet into lists of capitalised words"""
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import string
import collections
from ttp import ttp
def get_cleaned_capitalised_word_sequences(sentence):
"""Turn a tweet into a lists of adjacent capitalised words"""
sent = remove_urls(sentence)
sentences = lowercase_split(sent)
capitalised_words = get_capitalised_word_sequences(sentences)
return capitalised_words
def remove_urls(s):
p = ttp.Parser()
result = p.parse(s)
for url in result.urls:
s = s.replace(url, "")
return s
def flatten(l):
"""Flatten arbitrary depth containers of containers"""
# attrib:
for el in l:
if isinstance(el, collections.Iterable) and not isinstance(el, basestring):
for sub in flatten(el):
yield sub
yield el
def lowercase_sentence_start_if_required(sentence):
nbr_capital_letters = [s for s in sentence if s in string.ascii_uppercase]
if len(nbr_capital_letters) == 1:
sentence = sentence[0].lower() + sentence[1:]
return sentence
def lowercase_split(s):
"""Lowercase capital sentence starts, return sentences"""
sentences = s.split(".")
for splits in ["!", "?", ":", ";", ","]:
sentences = [sent.split(splits) for sent in sentences]
sentences = flatten(sentences)
sentences = [sent.strip() for sent in sentences]
# keep >=2 char words if they start with a capital letter
#import pdb; pdb.set_trace()
sentences = [lowercase_sentence_start_if_required(sentence) for sentence in sentences if len(sentence) > 1]
#sentences = [sent[0].lower() + sent[1:] for sent in sentences if len(sent) > 1]
return sentences
def stopword(word):
return word in set(["I"])
def get_capitalised_word_sequences(sentences):
"""Build lists of capitalised word sequences"""
result = []
for sentence in sentences:
seq = []
for word in sentence.split():
if word[0] in string.ascii_uppercase:
if not stopword(word):
if len(seq):
seq = []
if len(seq):
return result