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import json
import networkx as net
import matplotlib.pyplot as plot
def trim_degrees(g, degree=1):
Trim the graph by removing nodes with degree less then value of the degree parameter
Returns a copy of the graph, so it's non-destructive.
for n in g2.nodes():
if d[n]<=degree: g2.remove_node(n)
return g2
def sorted_degree(g):
ds = sorted(d.iteritems(), key=lambda (k,v): (-v,k))
return ds
def add_or_inc_edge(g,f,t):
Adds an edge to the graph IF the edge does not exist already.
If it does exist, increment the edge weight.
Used for quick-and-dirty calculation of projected graphs from 2-mode networks.
if g.has_edge(f,t):
def trim_edges(g, weight=1):
Remove edges with weights less then a threshold parameter ("weight")
for f, to, edata in g.edges(data=True):
if edata['weight'] > weight:
return g2
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