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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""1 liner to explain this project"""
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import ujson as json
import logging
from dateutil import parser as dt_parser
def get_tweets(tweets):
"""Generator to return entry from valid JSON lines"""
for tweet in tweets:
# load with json to validate
tw = json.loads(tweet)
yield tw
except ValueError as err:
logging.debug("Odd! We have a ValueError when json.loads(tweet): %r" % repr(err))
#def filter_http(tweets):
#"""Ignore links with http links (can be useful to ignore spam)"""
#for tweet in tweets:
#if 'http' not in tweet['text']:
#yield tweet
#except KeyError as err:
#logging.debug("Odd! We have a KeyError: %r" % repr(err))
def get_tweet_body(tweets):
"""Get tweets, ignore ReTweets"""
for tweet in tweets:
if 'text' in tweet:
if not tweet['text'].startswith('RT'):
tweet['created_at'] = dt_parser.parse(tweet['created_at'])
yield tweet
except KeyError as err:
logging.debug("Odd! We have a KeyError: %r" % repr(err))
def files(file_list):
"""Yield lines from a list of input json data files"""
for filename in file_list:
f = open(filename)
for line in f:
yield line