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A simple, responsive landing page to point visitors to your various social network accounts.
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The Social Page
Version 1.1.3
October 7, 2012
Created by Ian Patrick Hines
License: MIT/GPL


This is a simple, responsive one-page website allows people to point visitors to your various social network accounts. It was loosely based off of David Kaneda's personal page (, though the code is entirely original. This is licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.

See the original:

Other examples:

Usage is simple:

1) You'll need to edit the index.html file to include  your information (the social networks of your choosing, with updated links, etc.).

2) If you're using a social network not included in the master version, you'll need to update the 'stylesheets/layout.css' stylesheet to include the necessary a.[socialnetwork]:hover styles. Currently, each social network is custom-styles so that it glows with the dominant color of that network's brand on hover.

4) Upload all the files, including the MIT and GPL licences. 


Regarding the Symbolset Font:

This version of The Personal Page makes use of Symbolset ( 

Symbolsets are semantic symbol fonts. They work in modern browsers and anywhere OpenType features are supported.

The use of Symbolset's fonts is governed by their product license, which can be found here:

If you intend to use Symbolset fonts in your own iteration of The Personal Page, you must purchase your own license from They're quite affordable, and are well worth the money.

Change Notes:

- Removed unnecessary Tumblr code.
- Tidied up the HTML
- Simplified the file structure.

- Updated the README file
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