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A MagicMirror² ( module to display random Clash Royale decks.
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A MagicMirror² module to display random Clash Royale decks.


Example deck


In your terminal, go to your MagicMirror's Module folder:

cd ~/MagicMirror/modules

Clone this repository:

git clone

Add the module to the modules array in the config/config.js file:

        module: 'MMM-Clash-Royale',
		position: "bottom_bar",

Config Options

Option Default Description
updateInterval 300000 (5 minutes) Optional How often (in milliseconds) do you want to display a new deck?
animationSpeed 1000 Optional The speed (in milliseconds) of the animation between decks.
grayscale true Optional Should the card images be shown in grayscale?


To update the module to the latest version, use your terminal to go to your MMM-Clash-Royale module folder and type the following command:

git pull

If you haven't changed the modules, this should work without any problems. Type git status to see your changes, if there are any, you can reset them with git reset --hard. After that, git pull should be possible.

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