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@ianpjohnson ianpjohnson released this Sep 27, 2017 · 1 commit to master since this release

This is NOT the official VoteCoin wallet - please use that when it is finally available

This is the first release of my VoteCoin GUI wallet - java swing windows/linux

This release REQUIRES a running client with command line interface (cli) - It is just a thin layer over the command line interface

The software is forked from a HUSH version (itself forked from another) and converted to work with VoteCoin - the original effort should be appreciated

The software runs under Java which you must have installed (separate instruction) with a version 1.7 or greater

This first release mirrors the HUSH wallet version 0.68.6 beta

I am not liable for any losses you might make when you use the software - the functionality was not implemented by myself - this is just a conversion. Take care and use small quantities until you are happy with the functionality and performance

There are more detailed instructions in the file VoteCoinWallet.txt
The sources for this wallet can be found here:

Donations appreciated to t1QZ2ZWGb2pCYssXmBpD5oPqd3gy7W9vipE (in VOT)
or to the original software authors

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