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Everything is better in an 80x25 green-and-black terminal -- even Reddit! redditfs maps subreddits to a FUSE filesystem, so you can use your favorite shell (or GUI file browser, or SSH, or FTP) to browse Reddit.


$ ls -l /r/programming
total 0
dr-xr-xr-x@ 3 root  wheel  0 Jan 16 10:30 ANN:_pandas_0130_released
dr-xr-xr-x@ 3 root  wheel  0 Jan 18 13:08 An_evaluation_of_simple_Python_performance_tweaks
dr-xr-xr-x@ 3 root  wheel  0 Jan 17 08:36 Anyone_have_experience_installing_Folium_for_Py_33?
dr-xr-xr-x@ 3 root  wheel  0 Jan 18 09:48 Are_there_any_python_made_games_on_Steam?
dr-xr-xr-x@ 3 root  wheel  0 Jan 16 20:06 Beginner:_Getting_Beyond_Syntax
dr-xr-xr-x@ 3 root  wheel  0 Jan 18 00:53 Best_Questions_to_ask_when_hiring_a_Python_dev?
$ ls -l /r/programming/An_evaluation_of_simple_Python_performance_tweaks
total 16
-r--r--r--@ 1 root  wheel  97 Jan 18 13:08 permalink
-r--r--r--@ 1 root  wheel   0 Jan 18 13:08 selftext
-r--r--r--@ 1 root  wheel  72 Jan 18 13:08 url
$ cat /r/programming/Best_Questions_to_ask_when_hiring_a_Python_dev?/selftext
I'm a long time C/C++/C# dev who is now diving into python head on, and using it
 on a project here in Seattle.  Part of this is I need to grow my team and hire 
$ lynx $(cat /r/programming/An_evaluation_of_simple_Python_performance_tweaks/url)


You'll need Python >= 2.7 or >= 3.4, and FUSE. You can install FUSE via the package managers on most Linux distros. On OSX, you can get FUSE support via OSXFUSE.

$ git clone
$ cd redditfs && virtualenv env && source env/bin/activate
$ pip install -r reqs.txt
$ mkdir /r
$ python /r


Available under the MIT License.

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