wjt is a slider widget for X.
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wjt is a slider widget for the X Window System that allows the user to select values within a range using the keyboard or mouse. It presents a bar at the top or bottom of the display with a slider area including legend labels, and optionally, a prompt on the left. When the user adjusts the slider position, its value is printed to stdout. wjt grabs keyboard and mouse input while running. wjt was inspired by, and its code is based on, dmenu.


  • Xlib
  • FreeType
  • Fontconfig
  • Xinerama (optional)


Change the default values in config.h and rebuild to customize wjt. Defaults may be overridden by command line options.


Edit config.mk to match your environment. The default install location is /usr/local. To build and install wjt, run:

> make clean install

Running wjt

Running wjt with no options will put a slider at the top of the display with initial value 0 and a range of 0 to 100. See the man page for details on available options.