Like HyperTerminal, only not a pain in the arse.
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Crap Terminal

It's like HyperTerminal, but not shitty and annoying!

This is a Java app, written for JRE version 6. It requires RxTx, a free serial comms library for Java on Windows, Linux, Mac & Solaris. RxTx is not packaged with this application - you can grab the latest binaries here. (The zip contains an INSTALL file which explains where to put everything on each platform. You must do this before running CrapTerminal.)


  • 3 (1 Oct 2010): Backported a bunch of changes from Iridium9601Sim. Ported it to use RXTX not JavaComm.

  • 2 (26 Feb 2009): Fixed the printing-one-character-every-two bug, Added ability to send.

  • 1 (21 Aug 2008): Initial release.