An experimental 1D-ish Bullet Hell shooter.
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Type X29

"Type X29" is an experiment: a 1D bullet-hell shooter. Although enemies and bullets may move in two dimensions, your ship is confined to a single line, meaning that dodging enemy fire becomes not just a matter of quick reactions but of strategically destroying enemies in advance to give you enough space to move between their shots.

The game is very early in its development phase - I've literally only spent a few hours on it over a couple of days. None of the artwork, gameplay etc. is final, and as yet there is no real goal other than surviving as long as possible. Eventually there will be lives, weapon upgrades, bosses and all the rest. But for now, see if you can beat my record of 114 seconds!

You can play Type X29 here. It requires the latest version of Java and a plugin for your browser.


Type X29 Screenshot