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RocketFramework for Vue Laravel Helpers.


composer install ianrothmann/rocket-laravel-framework

In config/app.php

Service provider



'Rocket' =>IanRothmann\RocketLaravelAppFramework\Facades\Rocket::class

Publish the config

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="IanRothmann\RocketLaravelAppFramework\ServiceProviders\RocketAppServiceProvider"  --tag="config"


Menus can be specified in middleware, but can also be modified in any controller before passing the view.


You can give the menu a name, for instance "main", and then chain the items. The icon is optional. If you need a custom item, you can use ->custom

        ->route('Change Password','password.change',[],'person','user_edit')
        ->custom(RocketMenu::item("Google")->link("")->hint('Go to Google')->icon('delete')->id('google')->target('_blank')->right(userRightOrClosureReturningBool));

Groups are also possible. Specify ->group. This returns the item. Then specify ->subMenu(), and now you can chain the items to the submenu. You need to start with Rocket::menu('main') again to add main menu items.

            ->group('Rocket CRUD')
            ->route('CRUD Table','rocket.crud.table');


Sometimes one would like to prepend items (especially when modifying middleware defined menus from the controller. All item functions can start with push to prepend.

   Rocket::menu('main')->pushRoute('Home','home',[]); //pushLink, pushGroup, pushCustom etc.


This package integrates with VueBridge and makes the menu available in $store.state.server.rocketMenus, for use with rocket-framework-menu in RocketVueAppFramework:

<rocket-framework-menu :menu="$store.state.server.rocketMenus&&$store.state.server.rocketMenus.main"></rocket-framework-menu>


Use Rocket::breadcrumbs(), to access the BreadcrumbsService:

You may either use:


to show a menu icon with the items in a menu



To display a classic breadcrumbs bar. Everything is only implemented in Vuetify. You cannot use both, be sure to only use one of them on a page.

in config/rocketframework.php, you may set

'breadcrumbs' => [
        'number'=>4, //Number of breadcrumbs to save
        'default'=>'show' //Default behaviour to show or hide breadcrumbs

On any page you may call: Rocket::breadcrumbs()->show() or Rocket::breadcrumbs()->hide() to bread away from the default behaviour. You can also set a namespace for the breadcrumbs to limit them on certain parts/sessions on the system. For instance: Rocket::breadcrumbs()->setBreadcrumbsNamespace($clientid)

Edit in place language

This enables you to use blade syntax @editabletext(language_line_code) or @editablehtml(language_line_code). If edit mode is active, a user will be able to edit the text in place. This is useful for public facing websites etc.

  • Use Rocket::activateLanguageEdit() or Rocket::deactivateLanguageEdit() to enter edit mode.
  • There are language configurations in app/config/rocketframework.php - mostly for the update routing. The defaults should do in most cases. - but remember the middleware for route protection. The default is [], but is should have auth and rights.
  • It used the spatie/laravel-translation-loader package to store it in a language_lines table, make sure the table exists - for more info look at their readme. You have to install the package in the project and override the service providers as in their readme.