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If Twitter is a 'command-line social network', then Scriptus is shell scripting.

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Scriptus is a way of programming interactions between people. What's new is that these interactions can be complicated and span days, weeks, months or years: elections, chess tournaments and games are all easy to create.

A simple example:

var task = ask("What to do?");

sleep("1d");//1 day

var response;

do {

  response = ask("did you do "+task+" yet?", {timeout:"1d"});

} while( response != "Stop it!" | "yes");

It's easy to get started. Scriptus programs interact with people via Twitter and has a simple UNIX-like process model.

On Twitter, people are asked questions using @mentions. Responses are sent back to Scriptus by replying to the tweets sent out. Anything after "//" will be ignored. For example:

@ianso electing HOW many presidents-for-life?!
[the reply] @robotoscriptu 4 //but I can depose them whenever I want!

A Scriptus server can be stopped at any time. Programs will continue where they left off when it is started again.

You will need JDK 6 or more recent. Download Scriptus here and then launch it using this command

java -jar scriptus.war

Scriptus will immediately start at You can change the port using the -p option.

The Scriptus minisite includes a blog + RSS feed for notable updates. The user guide documents how to run Scriptus, and the API documentation shows how to use it. More is available at the documentation index.

The license is GPL v2 or above.

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