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A fork of animate.css written in SASS with a few modifications.
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A bunch of cool, fun, and cross-browser animations for you to use in your projects.

Originally forked from Dan Eden. This version is completely rewritten in SASS with the following additions/revisions:

  • New animations:
    • Grow
    • Shrink
    • Fold
  • Slightly reduced animation durations.
  • Change in and out to always be appended to animation names.
  • Class names use hyphens instead of camel case.
  • Additional SCSS files are compiled for integration convenience.


To use animate.css in your website, drop the stylesheet into your document's <head>, and add the class animated to an element along with an animation name. And look, your element just animated!

You can do a whole bunch of other stuff with animate.css when you combine it with Javascript. Dynamically add animations:

$('.your-element').addClass('bounce-left-out animated');

You can change the duration of your animations, add a delay or change the number of times that it plays:

    animation-duration: 3s
    animation-delay: 2s
    animation-iteration-count: infinite

Animation List

One-off animations

  • flash
  • bounce
  • shake
  • tada
  • swing
  • wobble
  • wiggle
  • pulse
  • flip

Entrances and Exits


  • bounce-in
  • bounce-down-in
  • bounce-up-in
  • bounce-left-in
  • bounce-right-in
  • bounce-out
  • bounce-down-out
  • bounce-up-out
  • bounce-left-out
  • bounce-right-out


  • fade-in
  • fade-up-in
  • fade-down-in
  • fade-left-in
  • fade-right-in
  • fade-up-big-in
  • fade-down-big-in
  • fade-left-big-in
  • fade-right-big-in
  • fade-out
  • fade-up-out
  • fade-down-out
  • fade-left-out
  • fade-right-out
  • fade-up-big-out
  • fade-down-big-out
  • fade-left-big-out
  • fade-right-big-out

Flip (currently Webkit, Firefox + IE10 only)

  • flip-x-in
  • flip-y-in
  • flip-x-out
  • flip-y-out

Fold (uses overflow: hidden)

  • fold-in (elements under height: 1000px)
  • fold-small-in (elements under height: 500px)
  • fold-tiny-in (elements under height: 100px)
  • fold-out (elements under height: 1000px)
  • fold-small-out (elements under height: 500px)
  • fold-tiny-out (elements under height: 100px)


  • grow-in
  • grow-out


  • hinge-out


  • light-speed-in
  • light-speed-out


  • roll-in
  • roll-out


  • rotate-in
  • rotate-down-left-in
  • rotate-down-right-in
  • rotate-up-left-in
  • rotate-up-right-in
  • rotate-out
  • rotate-down-left-out
  • rotate-down-right-out
  • rotate-up-left-out
  • rotate-up-right-out


  • shrink-in
  • shrink-out


Animate.css is licensed under the ☺ license. (

Learn more

You can learn more about animate.css over at its home page.

Feel free to add animations, submit issues and pull requests, or tweet at me.

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