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Here's a list of Slate plugins, organized by category, so that they're easier to find than searching NPM or Yarn.


Plugins that add specific behaviors to your editor.

Plugin Description Downloads
slate-auto-replace Automatically transform certain input as a user types.
slate-collapse-on-escape Collapse the selection when users hit esc.
slate-drop-or-paste-images Allows users to insert images by drag-dropping or copy-pasting.
slate-mark-hotkeys Adds common hotkey formatting utils to an editor.
slate-no-empty Prevents documents from being empty.
slate-paste-linkify Automatically linkify URLs when they are pasted.
slate-soft-break Adds soft breaks when users hit enter.
slate-sticky-inlines Changes the inline node behavior to allow editing at the edges.
slate-suggestions Displays inline auto-completed suggestions.
slate-trailing-block Ensure that documents end in a specific kind of block.
slate-instant-replace Automatically transform last word typed.

Find more plugins on npm or yarn.


Components for building Slate editors.

Plugin Description Downloads
slate-editor-icons A set of icons for using in toolbars, etc.


Serializers for handling Slate data.

Plugin Description Downloads
slate-base64-serializer A base64 string serializer for Slate documents.
slate-html-serializer An HTML serializer for Slate documents.
slate-plain-serializer A plain text serializer for Slate documents.


Useful utilities when working with Slate documents and components.

Plugin Description Downloads
slate-hyperprint Prints Slate documents in their slate-hyperscript format.
slate-hyperscript Allows you to express Slate documents in JSX.
slate-prop-types A set of prop types to use in your Slate components.