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This document maintains a list of changes to the slate-prop-types package with each new version. Until 1.0.0 is released, breaking changes will be added as minor version bumps, and smaller changes won't be accounted for since the library is moving quickly.

0.5.0 — October 9, 2018


Updated to the latest version of slate. The slate-react codebase has been updated to be compatible with the latest version of slate, 0.42.0. This is a backward incompatible upgrade, and so the peer dependency range has been bumped.

0.4.0 — October 27, 2017


Remove all previously deprecated code paths. This helps to reduce some of the complexity in Slate by not having to handle these code paths anymore. And it helps to reduce file size. When upgrading, it's highly recommended that you upgrade to the previous version first and ensure there are no deprecation warnings being logged, then upgrade to this version.

0.3.0 — October 27, 2017


Updated to work with slate@0.29.0. This is required because slate-prop-types needs access to the new Value model.


The state prop type has been renamed to value. This is to stay in line with slate-react@0.29.0 where the State object was renamed.

0.2.0 — October 14, 2017


Updated work with slate@0.27.0. The new version of Slate renames the old Range model to Leaf, and the old Selection model to Range.

0.1.0 — September 17, 2017