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Aug 21, 2018

List Card by @iantrich

This card for Lovelace on Home Assistant that gives you a table generated with data from the feedparser custom component or any other sensor that provides data as a list of attributes.

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Hey dude! Help me out for a couple of 🍻 or a β˜•!


Great resource for further filtering your feeds is siftrss


From left to right: feedparser | aftership | untappd


Name Type Requirement Description
type string Required custom:list-card
entity string Required The entity_id of the entity you want to show.
feed_attribute string Optional Attribute containing the feed
title string Optional Add a custom title to the card.
row_limit number Optional Limit the number of rows to display.
columns object Optional List of columns to display.

Column object

Name Type Requirement Description
title string Required Column header to display.
field string Required key value of the entity that you wish to display.
add_link string Optional key value of entity that has the link property to use.
type string Optional options are image and icon. Default is None. Only set this for images or icons, otherwise leave blank
style object Optional CSS styles to apply to this column.
width string Optional If type is image, sets the width of the image. Default 70.
height string Optional If type is image, sets the width of the image. Default 90.
regex string Optional Regex string to apply to field.
prefix string Optional String to prefix to field.
postfix string Optional String to postfix to field.
  • Note: If width and height are set to "auto", the image will not be resized. If width or height are set to "auto", the aspect ratio of the image will be maintained.


Add to HACS as a Custom Repo

Example Configuration

      - type: custom:list-card
        entity: sensor.engineering_feed
        title: Engineering Feed
        feed_attribute: entries
          - title: ''
            type: image
            add_link: link
            field: image
          - title: Title
            field: title
              - white-space: nowrap
          - title: Description
            field: description