Bottom Up Computer Science
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Computer Science from the Bottom Up

You should be able to make the course materials by typing

make html (output in ./html directory)


make pdf (output in csbu.pdf)

Included for simplicity are the docbook dtds, xsl stylesheets and fop
distribution.  You need some other things for this to work out of the
box.  If you have the Debian packages

* java (1.8 ... 1.7 seems to have some issues with saxon; see )
* libxml2-utils
* jing
* transfig (for fig2dev)

you will probably be ok.

I am always interested in contribution and feedback so please feel
free to email

Ian Wienand



 2016-01-13 : fop-2.0/lib/batik-all-svn-trunk.jar from [1] is included
 to work around [2]