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Ember JS: MVC in the browser tutorial

Now updated to Ember 1.13 with live example.

The tutorials below now contain some legacy code but the basic idea is still sound. Some of the handlebars helpers have changed. For example, the built in {{View}} helpers have different syntax.

Instead of

{{view Ember.TextArea}}

you should now use


The context switching version of the {{each}} helper has been deprecated and you should now specify the context. So instead of


use the following syntax

{{#each post in model}}

Note that the 'in' syntax is also being deprecated and becomes 'as' with a 'key' option that helps Ember when rendering

{{#each model key="@index" as |post|}}

The ObjectController has been deprecated and is now just Controller. In templates you need to refer to the model eg {{model.posts}} rather than just using {{posts}}.

Ember is also transitioning towards the HTMLBars templating engine and now requires the ember-template-compiler. It can be quite confusing finding the different components you require. A good guide is to look at I have used the release channel for ember and the beta one for ember data. Ember now uses Handlebars version 2.0.

Testing the app

Load the tests.html file in a browser. Some basic QUnit tests are run against the application. Look in the tests directory for examples.

Part 1 - routing

Here we look at the basic structure of an ember application, comparing it to a basic rails one. We examine how routes are defined, how it differs to rails and how to examine them. See

Part 2 - templates

We add some templates for Posts index and each individual Post. We add a store, a Post model and some fixtures data to render in the templates. We look at how we get data from a store to a template via a route. See

Part 3 - nested resources

We create a comments model and routes and link it to the post model. We add routes, templates and controller actions to create new comments See


Available under the MIT licence, see the attached licence.txt file for details


Source code that accompanies a series of blog posts describing the EmberJS framework through the development of a simple blog application. Now updated for Ember 1.13




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