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h1. garlic: lightweight continuous integration for rails using git
This is not a CI server, use cruisecontrol.rb for that. This is a simple set
-of rake tasks that let you specify a bunch of rails builds to run against, and
+of commands (or rake tasks) that let you specify a bunch of rails builds to run against, and
dependencies to install.
This is aimed at testing plugins (or apps) against multiple versions of rails,
@@ -15,11 +15,15 @@ Garlic works by cloning git repos for all your dependencies (so they all must be
git repos), and then using git to checkout various tags and branches to build
your app against.
+"Here's an example of running a plugin against 3 different rails verisons and 3 different rspec versions":
h2. It's still new, and not shiny yet
Please feel free to make it shinier. I'm successfully using it on most of my plugins, and I test
with rspec and cucumber.
+Check out the "TODO LIST":
h2. Get up and running quickly
You have a plugin and you want it tested against different versions of rails?
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-* add 'gem' dependency - should it freeze the gem? or use ginger?
+* add 'gem' command - should it freeze the gem in to vendor/gems?
+* BETTER OUTPUT - less uninteresting cruft in the output please
* specs!
* cucumber features!
-* rewrite using grit? (research: is grit the defacto standard for ruby controlling git?)

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