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garlic is a set of commands/rake tasks to help with CI across multiple rails/dependency versions
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garlic: lightweight continuous integration for rails using git

This is not a CI server, use cruisecontrol.rb for that. This is a simple set of rake tasks that let you specify a bunch of rails builds to run against, and dependencies to install.

It works by cloning git repos for all your dependencies (so they all must be on git), and then using git to checkout various tags and branches to build your app against.


To see garlic in action, download resources_controller, a rails plugin that uses garlic for CI.

git clone git:// 
cd resources_controller
cp garlic_example.rb garlic.rb # you might like to look at this file and edit\
                               # it if you have local clones of rails and rspec
rake get_garlic
rake garlic:all

This will clone all the required git repos (done only once), set up the target railses (done once), then run the targets.

Once you've made some changes

You can prepare and run all the targets again (without fetching remote repos) by doing

rake garlic

This will prepare all the targets, using the current HEAD of the repos, and run the CI task again.

Specifying particular targets

If you just want to run against a particular target or targets, you can use the TARGET or TARGETS env var.

rake garlic TARGET=edge
rake garlic TARGETS=2.0.1,2.0.2

Example workflow

Let's say I'm patching resources_controller.

First I grab it, and set up garlic

git clone git://
cd resources_controller
rake get_garlic
cp garlic_example.rb garlic.rb
# I could now edit garlic.rb to point the repos at my local copies, for speed

Now, I download and run the CI suite

rake garlic:all

Now, I make some changes

git checkout -b my_change
# ... commit some changes into 'my_change'
rake garlic
# ... everything is fine, so I can merge these into master, or send a pull request

How do I run the specs on uncommitted code?

The best way is to make the changes in one of the 'work' targets. For example:

# after running rake garlic:all
cd garlic/work/edge/vendor/plugins/resources_controller
# ... make changes without committing
rake spec
# ... it passes, so commit
git commit -m "My great change"

Now you can push these changes back upstream to your local 'master' repo

git push origin my_changes # or you could push to master branch or whatever

Then cd back up there, and run rake garlic to verify your changes against the other targets. If these all pass, you can push, or send a pull request

How to add garlic to your repo (example: rails plugin)

1. add the get_garlic task to your main Rakefile

# load up garlic if it's here
if, 'garlic'))
  require File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'garlic/lib/garlic_tasks')
  require File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'garlic')

desc "clone the garlic repo (for running ci tasks)"
task :get_garlic do
  sh "git clone git:// garlic"

2. add a garlic.rb or garlic_example.rb

I tend to use garlic_example.rb, and others can copy this to garlic.rb, which can be modified and ignored by git.

An example garlic.rb:

garlic do
  # default paths are 'garlic/work', and 'garlic/repos'
  work_path "my/work"
  repo_path "my/repos"

  repo 'rails', :url => 'git://'#, :local => "~/dev/vendor/rails"
  repo 'rspec', :url => 'git://'#, :local => "~/dev/vendor/rspec"
  repo 'rspec-rails', :url => 'git://'#, :local => "~/dev/vendor/rspec-rails"
  repo 'resources_controller', :path => '.'

  target 'edge'
  target '2.0-stable', :branch => 'origin/2-0-stable'
  target '2.0.2', :tag => 'v2.0.2'

  all_targets do
    prepare do
      plugin 'resources_controller', :clone => true
      plugin 'rspec'
      plugin('rspec-rails') { sh "script/generate rspec -f" }

    run do
      cd("vendor/plugins/resources_controller") { sh "rake spec:rcov:verify" }

3. ignore the garlic artefacts

Example .gitignore (for the case where you have garlic_example.rb)


4. Run it

rake garlic:all

And to run it again, once you've made changes

rake garlic

To make sure you're running against the latest repos:

rake garlic:update_repos


  • To configure the dependencies and targets, take a look at the top level Rakefile

    • resources_controller doesn't work with 1.2.3, to test this try adding

      target '1.2.3', :tag => 'v1.2.3'

      in garlic.rb, then running

      rake garlic:prepare
      rake garlic:run

      and you'll see that it fails against 1.2.3

First release

This is the first release, so there is plenty of scope for changes and improvement If you want to lend a hand, get in touch.

© Ian White 2008 - MIT Licence

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