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branch: timestamps
Commits on Aug 18, 2010
Commits on Aug 17, 2010
  1. Nicholas Rutherford
Commits on Aug 11, 2010
  1. speccing dumper aborting on non-activerecord errors (load and dump)

    so if you hit ctrl-c it will scrap the transaction
  2. Nicholas Rutherford

    adding db:load CLOBBER scenarios showing it does not delete the fixtu…

    nruth authored committed
    …re files loaded
  3. Nicholas Rutherford

    whitespace: reindenting tables

    nruth authored committed
  4. Nicholas Rutherford

    removing fixture load error suppression @wip so the failure is notice…

    nruth authored committed
    …d during a full run
  5. Nicholas Rutherford

    db:load TABLES scenarios added

    nruth authored committed
  6. Nicholas Rutherford

    adding table structure checks to default load scenario

    nruth authored committed
  7. Nicholas Rutherford

    described load error silencing, but fixture scenario isn't quite righ…

    nruth authored committed
    …t yet
  8. Nicholas Rutherford

    words: got the raise example labels back-to-front

    nruth authored committed
  9. Nicholas Rutherford

    adding FIXTURES example to rake task comments & removing dead map() c…

    nruth authored committed
    …all in option building
  10. Nicholas Rutherford

    splitting dump feature into separate features

    nruth authored committed
    also added table structure check to the default dump feature
  11. Nicholas Rutherford

    Adding table structure checking and schema loading stepdef

    nruth authored committed
  12. Nicholas Rutherford

    words: tweaking error message

    nruth authored committed
  13. Nicholas Rutherford

    splitting up the load feature into smaller features

    nruth authored committed
  14. Nicholas Rutherford

    initial db:load scenarios (default and modified DUMP_PATH) with worka…

    nruth authored committed
    …round for weird sqlite bug
    SQLite3::SchemaChangedException: no such table: users: SELECT * FROM "users"  (ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid)
    raised by querying an anonymous active-record class
    work-around is listing the tables. reconnect! and reset! on the connection not helping
    is likely an adapter bug.
  15. Nicholas Rutherford

    fixing break in Then show me the "table" table step

    nruth authored committed
  16. Nicholas Rutherford

    completing db:dump fixture content checking stepdef

    nruth authored committed
    adding @announce = true Before hook for @announce tag
  17. Nicholas Rutherford

    declare AR timezone :utc so timestamps are really in 0000

    nruth authored committed
    which is how DateTime parses them from the yaml 
    (no offset is stored in the db or yaml)
  18. Nicholas Rutherford

    updating the invalid argument FIXTURES scenario to pass with existing…

    nruth authored committed
    … behaviour
  19. Nicholas Rutherford
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