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* Added ActionMailer support
* Added support for rails 2.3
* Removed render_parent for now (in edge rails version)
* inherit_views allows inherited templates to be rendered where there is no action method
* Vastly simplified internals, making use of the _pick_template single point of entry
* branched fro rails 2.0 and 2.1 in rails-2.0-2.1, edge rails follows master branch
* Now using garlic for CI
* Compatibility update for the new ActionView::Partial refactoring.
[thanks Chris Hapgood for reporting, and tracking down, the bug]
* Compatible with both Rails 2.0.x and beyond - uses the template.finder object
to find templates if that is available
* Vastly improved readability of specs, and made them much more acceptance like
* BC Alert! inherit_views has changed to keep up with edge rails internals.
If you're using latest Edge, no problems. If you're using < 7413 then freeze
to r390 of inherit_views