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inherit_views works with rails 2.x

If you're on rails 2.3 or rails edge, you want inherit_views/master

If you're on rails 2.2, you want inherit_views/rails-2.2

If you're on rails 2.0, or 2.1, you want inherit_views/rails-2.0-2.1

what does it do?

This rails plugin allows your controllers/mailers to inherit their views from parent controllers/mailers. The default behaviour is to inherit along the ancestor path of the controller/mailer, but you can also specify custom inherit view paths to search.


class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base

class FooController < ApplicationController
  # will look for views in 'views/foo', then 'views/application'

class BarController < FooController
  # will look for views in 'views/bar', then 'views/foo', then 'view/application'

See InheritViews for more details

NOTE: this plugin is not aimed at having multiple view paths for your controllers, which is addressed with the view_paths addition to ActionController::Base for rails 2.0. Rather, within these view paths, you can inherit views from other controller paths.

In templates

You can render the 'parent' template from within a template if you so choose. This works for partials and top-level templates alike.


<h1>Foo View</h1>


<%= render :parent %>
<h2>With some 'bar' action</h2>

rendering bar/view (with the controller setup described above):

<h1>Foo View</h1>
<h2>With some 'bar' action</h2>

Testing & CI

RSpec is used for testing, so the tests are in spec/ rather than test/ Do rake –tasks for more details.

garlic is used for CI, see garlic.rb for details on what versions of rails are tested.


Author: Ian W. White

Contributions by: