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== 0.3.0
* Removes OrmAdapter::Base.model_classes and friends. This is a BC breaking change if you use .model_classes [Ian White]
* Add note about the scope of ORM Adapter re: model instance methods
== 0.2.0
* Normalise :id in find conditions [Tim Galeckas, Ian White]
* Allow find_first and find_all to take no arguments [Tim Galeckas, Ian White]
== 0.1.0
* Add #destroy(object) to the API [Fred Wu]
== 0.0.7
* Lazy load Active Record [José Valim]
== 0.0.6
* Active Record 3.1 association compatibility [Ian White]
* Compatibility with mongoid master wrt. OrmAdapter::Base#get [Frank Wöckener]. Closes #9 [Ian White]
== 0.0.5
* Adds Mongo Mapper adapter [Luke Cunningham]
== 0.0.4
* Adds ability to order results from #find_first and #find_all [Ian White]
* Rationalise development dependencies and release process [Ian White]
== 0.0.3
* ActiveRecord's OrmAdapter handles non standard foreign key names [Ian White]
* fix ruby 1.9.2 problems. [Ian White]
- removes "can't add a new key into hash during iteration" problem with ActiveRecord OrmAdapter
- removes problem with rspec 2 mocks interacting with ruby 1.9.2 #to_ary
== 0.0.2
* Add #get to the API. Ensure both #get and #get! complies with to_key requirements. [José Valim]
* Extract tests into shared example. Give instructions on how to write a new adapter. [Ian White]
== 0.0.1
* Initial release [Ian White, José Valim]
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