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== 0.1.6
* 1 API change
* to use pickle env.rb should contain "require 'pickle/world'". You should remove all trace of
pickle from features/support/env.rb and re run script/generate pickle
* 2 major enhancements
* generate email steps with `script/generate pickle email`
email steps allow you to do things like this:
Then 2 emails should be delivered
And the first email should be delivered to
And the 2nd email should be delivered to the user: "ethel"
Then 1 email should be delivered with subject: "Activate your account"
And the email should link to the user's page
take a look at features/step_definitions/pickle_email_steps.rb
* generate path steps with `script/generate pickle path`
path steps allow you to do things like this
When I go to the comment's page
Then I should be at the user's new comment page
take a look at features/step_definitions/pickle_path_steps.rb, and modify page_to_path to suit your needs
* 4 minor enhancements
* Improved documentation
* abstract models no longer kill pickle
* Actually test that the generators work
* Made Pickle::Session a plain ole mixin, as a separate class was unnecessary
* Pickle uses the cucumber World API
== 0.1.5
* API change
* CaptureModel, etc are now 'capture_model' methods
* 3 major enhancements
* Steps for asserting that <n> models exist, matching certain criteria
* Steps for asserting associations added to generated pickle steps
'Then the user should be in the post's commenters'
'Then the forum: "awesome" should be the 2nd post's forum'
* configuration can now occur any time before a step is defined, which makes
for much more intuitive env.rb
* 2 minor enhancement
* predicate matching is less prone to step conflicts because we preload a
big list of all the predicate and column methods
* field values now handle booleans and numerics
== 0.1.4
* 1 major enhancement
* You can create multiple models with ease, for eg.
'Given 10 users exist with role: "admin"'
* 1 minor enhancement
* You can do Pickle.configure (just like Webrat.configure)
== 0.1.3 - Bugfix release
* 1 minor enhancement
* make generated steps compatible with Rails 2.1
== 0.1.2
* 2 major enhancements
* create your pickle steps with script/generate pickle
* Adapter based architecture, supports Machinist, FactoryGirl, and vanilla ActiveRecord
* 1 minor enhancement
* model_names now defaults to subclasses of AR::Base
* #original_model => #created_model
== 0.1.1
* 1 major enhancement:
* made pickle a github gem
* 1 minor enhancement:
* Added intentions for pickle in README.textile
== Prior to gems
* Initial release: everything is subject to sweeping change
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