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Stick this in vendor/plugins to have cucumber steps that create your models easily from factory_girl/machinist/active_record

References to the models are stored, not for the purpose of checking the db (although you could use it for that), but for enabling easy reference to urls, and for building complex givens which require a bunch of models collaborating


Install pickle either as a rails plugin, or a gem

# plugin
script/plugin install git:// # or add it as a submodule

# or, gem
sudo gem install ianwhite-pickle

Get Started

(you'd better install cucumber)

script/generate pickle

Now have a look at features/step_definitions/pickle_steps.rb

Using with plain ole Active Record

If you have an AR called 'Post', with required fields 'title', and 'body', then you can now write steps like this

Given a post exists with title: “My Post”, body: “My body”

Using with a factory!

But you're using Machinist or FactoryGirl right?! So to leverage all of the factories/blueprints you've written, you can just do stuff like

Given a user exists And another user exists with role: “admin” # later Then a user should exist with name: “Fred” And that user should be activated # this uses rspec predicate matchers

Using with Machinist

In your features/support/env.rb add the following lines at the bottom

require "#{Rails.root}/spec/blueprints" # or wherever they live
Before { } # reset Shams in between scenarios

Referring to models, using models as field values

You might want to set up a scenario with several models of the same type. You can label your models for easy reference. The following example requires a post and complaint blueprint (or factory), and requires writing no additional steps.

Given a post: “spam” exists with spam: “true” And a post: “sane” exists And a complaint exists with complaint_regarding: post “spam” And a complaint exists with complaint_regarding: post “sane”

Configuring Pickle

You can tell pickle to use another factory adapter (see Pickle::Adapter), or create mappings from english expressions to pickle model names

require 'pickle' Pickle.configure do |config| config.adapters = [:machinist, YourOwnAdapterClass] 'me', 'myself', 'my', 'I', :to => 'user: “me”'



Regexps for us in your own steps

By default you get three regexps available in the main namespace for use in creating your own steps: capture_model, capture_fields, and others (see lib/pickle.rb)

(You can use any of the regexps that Pickle uses by using the Pickle.parser namespace, see Pickle::Parser::Matchers for the methods available)


Given /^#{capture_model} exists$/ do |model_name|
  model(model_name).should_not == nil

Then /^I should be at the (.*?) page$/ |page|
  if page =~ /#{capture_model}'s/
    # ...

Then /^#{capture_model} should be one of #{capture_model}'s posts$/ do |post, forum|
  model(forum).posts.should include(post)



This is useful for setting attributes, and knows about pickle model names so that you can build up composite objects with ease

Given /^#{capture_model} exists with #{capture_fields}$/ do |model_name, fields|
  create_model(model_name, fields)

# example of use
Given a user exists
And a post exists with author: the user # this step will assign the above user as :author on the post
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