rails helper that works just like truncate, but it respects, and produces well formed html
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TruncateHtml is just like the vanilla truncate rails helper, except it respects tags and html entities, and returns valid html.

Rexml and HtmlEntities are used for the parsing. If the input is invalid html, then nokogiri is used to fix it up (but is not used when the input is fine). If the input cannot be fixed up, then a TruncateHtmlHelper::InvalidHtml runtime error is raised.

Inspired and heavily influenced by this article by Mike Burns and the links contained therein.


when post.title is

<p>This is <em>my <strong>first</strong> post</em></p>


<%= truncate_html post.title, :length => 15 %>

results in

<p>This is <em>my <strong>fir&hellip;</strong></em></p>


Requires the htmlentities and nokogiri gems:

in Gemfile:

gem "nokogiri"
gem "htmlentities"

in your environment.rb file (~ rails 2)

config.gem "nokogiri"
config.gem "htmlentities"

If you are on rails < 2.1, you need to explicitly include the following in your environment

require 'htmlentities'
require 'nokogiri'

Specs and Coverage

  • Coverage is 100% (C0)

  • CI: tested against all 2.x branches of rails

RSpec is used for testing, so the tests are in spec/ rather than test/ Do rake –tasks for more details.

garlic is used for CI. To see what versions are tested against see garlic.rb