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This is super old and no longer maintained.

Freshdesk Enhancements

Freshdesk Enhancements is a Chrome extension that adds functionality to Freshdesk.


  • NodeJS
  • Chrome


  • Desktop Notifications
  • Agent collision - See if other agents are viewing the same ticket
  • Chat - Chat with other agents from any page


  • Edit chrome-extension\contentscript.js and modify the serverName and port variables to match your environment
  • Edit chrome-extension\backgroundscript.js
  • Set helpdeskUrl to your custom Freshdesk URL (if you don't have one, just set it to your URL)
  • Set apiUrl to your Freshdesk URL (
  • Set apiKey to your Freshdesk API Key (found under Profile Settings within Freshdesk)
  • Edit server\settings.json and choose a port for the server to run on
  • Load the extension into Chrome (choose 'Load unpacked extension' and point it to the chrome-extension directory).
  • run npm install from server directory
  • Run the node server
  • That should be it!
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