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  • Responsive UI with support for portrait/landscape phones as well as tablets
  • File browser with the ability to add folders as Favorites
  • Keeps track of files you've watched so you can pick up where you left off
  • Choose which file types you care about
  • Multi-monitor support - Move MPC from one screen to another


Controls tab
alt text

Browse tab
alt text

Tablet layout
alt text


Note: this project currently requires Node.js to be installed
  1. Clone the repo
  2. Enable the Web Interface in Media Player Classic. View > Options > Web Interface
  3. Edit server\settings.json
    • serverPort: This is the port that the server will listen on; point your browser here
    • mpcPath: File path of the MPC exe. Make sure to escape backslashes (c:\Folder becomes c:\\Folder). Set to "auto" to autodetect the location
    • mpcUrl: Where Media Player Classic's Web Interface is listening. Set to "default" to use the default port (13579) on localhost
  4. Launch "server\Run Server.bat" (or run node server.js)
  5. Browse to your IP/hostname, using the same port you set for serverPort
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