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Fullscreen apps (e.g. a movie in Quicktime) keep space for dock #178

jellevandenhooff opened this Issue May 23, 2014 · 10 comments


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When using an app in fullscreen mode (with the expanding arrow button in the top-right of a window), Amethyst resizes the window to keep space for the dock. However, the dock is hidden by the OS, and my movie is off-center.

Thanks for the great window manager, by the way!

@ianyh ianyh added the bug label May 23, 2014

ahti commented May 28, 2014

Probably related: In some fullscreen apps (eg: Chrome, VLC), Amthyst will also keep the upper part of the screen (where the menu bar would be) clear, although the menu bar is only visible when I move the mouse to the top of the screen.

This is especially inconvenient with VLC on a 16:9 display, so I basically have to quit Amethyst every time I want to watch a video full-screen 😵


ianyh commented May 28, 2014

@ahti Yup, that's the same bug. It turns out to be surprisingly tricky to tell if an app is in fullscreen or not. This is one of the issues that is making me reconsider the possibility of using private APIs.

ahti commented May 29, 2014

You don't want to use private apis because they might break with any update, right?

If there is some -isWindowFullscreen method or similar, I think it's resonable to assume that if this mehtod exists, it will tell you wether a windows is full-screen or not, and you can always make sure the method didn't disappear by using -respondsToSelector: and fall back to another method if it's not accessible.

So I think in this particular case it would not be too bad to use private API, but I don't know your reasoning so ymmv.

(Additionally there could be a setting that turns off private api use, so if something does break, the user can always opt out and wait for a fix)


leonardt commented Jun 5, 2014

Did this occur before the feature for ignoring the menubar (ignore-menubar) was implemented?

If so, I think it would be okay to remove that feature as I no longer use it and it is only usable by people using a SIMBL hack to auto hide the top menubar, which I don't think we really need to support.


ianyh commented Jun 5, 2014

@leonardt This has always been the case with Amethyst. The ignore menu bar code doesn't affect it.

Can we have a separate build with private API that would stop Amethyst from applying layout on full screen apps?


ianyh commented Jul 11, 2014

I will probably cave soon and incorporate private APIs in a few places to reduce headache and squash bugs. I am not actually sure off the top of my head if private APIs will trivially solve the full screen app problem, though.


ianyh commented Jul 16, 2014

@pencilcheck the current build off of development uses private APIs to tell when the current space is fullscreen and stops trying to tile when that is the case.

@ianyh ianyh closed this Jul 16, 2014

Cool, thanks

I think the problem is still there, but only happens if the dock is not set to auto-hide.
It works correctly as long as hiding the dock is active.

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