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Simple flask web app that shortens urls
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URL-Shortener Flask App

To get set up on the project:

  1. Set up virtualenv
    • run "virtualenv venv"
    • to activate run "source venv/bin/activate"
    • to deactivate run "deactivate"
  2. Use pip to install dependencies (in the virtualenv)
    • run "pip install -r pip.req". Try skipping next two commands.
  3. Run "python"

Database stuff:

Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install mysql-server libmysqlclient-dev python-dev Fedora: yum install python-migrate

Run the following commands:

  • "sudo mysql"
  • "create database url;"
  • "create user 'url'@'localhost' identified by 'url';"
  • "grant all privileges on url.* to 'url'@'localhost';"
  • "flush privileges;" Quit out of mysql with "quit". Then run:
  • "./ db init"
  • "./ db migrate"
  • "./ db upgrade"

To check the database subsequently, run "mysql -uurl -purl" To change database structure, edit url/, then run migrate and upgrade again. If you happen to remove the migrations folder, then run init, migrate, then upgrade.

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