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ChAnot: An intelligent annotation tool for indigenous and highly agglutinative languages in Peru.

About ChAnot

ChAnot is a new web-based annotation tool, which is focused in Peruvian indigenous and highly agglutinative languages.

ChAnot enables the corpus annotation for various NLP tasks such as:

  • Morphological analysis annotation (lemma and morphological segmentation).
  • Part-of-Speech tagging annotation.
  • Named Entity annotation.
  • Syntactic annotation (dependencies).

Moreover, ChAnot includes a suggestion engine based in machine learning models and a set of important statistics about historic annotation.


For any question and feedback please contact the authors below, preferably with all on them on CC since their responsibilities may vary:

  • Rodolfo Mercado Gonzales <rmercado pucp edu pe>
  • José Pereira Noriega <jpereira pucp pe>
  • Marco Sobrevilla Cabezudo <msobrevilla pucp edu pe>
  • Arturo Oncevay Marcos <arturo.oncevay pucp edu pe>