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SaaS project collaboration for web designers

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What is Footprint

Footprint is a project management tool built for web designers. Aimed at freelancers and small businesses within the web industry, this web app supports project tracking and collaborative communication between designer and client. Staff, Clients, Projects, Tasks, Images, and Documents can all be managed on Footprint.

Release Information

This repo contains a full workin copy of the multi-tenant web application.

Server Requirements

  • PHP version 4.3 or greater.
  • PEAR
  • -- Auth
  • -- HTTP
  • -- MDB2
  • -- Net/URL2
  • -- XML/Parser
  • Smarty Template Engine version 2.6 or greater.
  • MySQL Database

3rd Party Dependencies

  • Amazon S3 Account (for large file storage)


Please see the installation guide on the Github Wiki.


Footprint is a fully blown multi-tenanted software as a service web application. It has been opensourced so that other developers can learn from it and build on it.

It is perfectly fine to take a copy of this code and run it on your own servers or to strip it down and take out the pieces you need. But I would encourage you to contribue any improvements you make back into this codebase in the form of Pull Requests on the Footprint repository on GitHub.


If you change anything that requires a change to documentation then you will need to add it. New classes, methods, parameters, changing default values, etc are all things that will require a change to documentation.


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