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OpenCollar Updater

This project contains the code for the OpenCollar Updater. It uses new filenames that are more friendly to offline editing. Version numbers have been removed from the filenames, in favor of using an actual version control system (Git).

If you're new to Git, start here. Once you've forked this project on Github and cloned your fork to your own computer, come back and finish reading this. (Or if you're masochistic enough, you can skip the clone part and edit directly on the web, one commit per file, if it works for you.)

All of the scripts and notecards necessary for the updater to function should be present in the 'lsl' folder of this repository. Animations, textures, and other inventory types are not in this repo, and are only available inworld.

Setting Your Identity in Git

When you first clone the repository, you may wish to set up your user account to use your Second Life name instead of whatever name might be in your global git config. You can do that like this:

cd ocupdater/
git config ""
git config "Joe Resident"

Staying in Sync

I used to have some instructions here for using Phoenix's export/import feature to keep files in sync between your disk and SL. That was really crashy and buggy though, so I'm still looking for a good solution.

My best advice right now is this:

  1. Fork the code on Github and clone your fork to your local machine.
  2. Get a copy of the latest updater inside SL.
  3. When editing a file in SL, use the external editor support so you can easily save your work both inworld and to your local working directory.

Contributing Changes

Please submit all changes as Github pull requests. We've tried accepting modified scripts inworld, and have burnt out more than one release manager that way. It's a nightmare. So for the sanity of all concerned, Github pull requests are the only way that we will accept modifications to the OC scripts.

I know Git will be intimidating for some people, especially those who have only worked on scripts inside SL. Please take the time to learn to work with Git though. It will be a huge help towards managing the project in a sane way. The documentation is really pretty good.

The Part Where I Beg

Note to third party viewer devs: It would be really awesome to have a way to keep an inworld folder of scripts and notecards in sync with a folder on your hard drive. All of the current methods require jumping through some really annoying hoops.

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