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00.Office 365 101
01.Introduction to the Day
02.Setting up the Environments
03.Hook into Apps for SharePoint
04.Hook into Office 365 APIs
05.Hook into Apps for Office
06.Hook into SharePoint APIs with Android

Dev Camp Training Content

This GitHub repo houses all of the content for the Dev Camp event. You are welcome to use this content as you wish.

  • Module 1: [Introduction to the Day](01.Introduction to the Day)
  • Module 2: [Setting up the Environments](02.Setting up the Environments)
  • Module 3: [Hook into Apps for SharePoint](03.Hook into Apps for SharePoint)
  • Module 4: Two options for module 4 are provided as follows
    • [Hook into Office 365 and SharePoint APIs with SPAs](04.Hook into Office 365 and SharePoint APIs with SPAs)
    • [Hook into Office 365 APIs](04a.Hook into office 365 APIs)
  • Module 5: [Hook into Apps for Office](05.Hook into Apps for Office)
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