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  client Demo

A API based client application for blogging

How to run on the local machine?

  • Fork this repository

  • Clone it from your fork

  • Open user-config.json file and update according to your blog configuration. i.e:

    • "dev__to_username" is you handle/username/login name.
    • "twitter_username" is your twitter username
    • "disqus_shortname" is Disqus surname or discuss comments URL prefix.
  • Run $ npm install

  • Run $ npm run serve
    Also you can try with the docker.

Deploy to VPS/any machine

  • I have included the docker file already. So, you can try with docker.

Docker Process

  • RUN sudo docker build -t iashraful/ .
  • RUN sudo docker run -it -p 5000:80 --rm --name iashraful/
    You can customize the port if you need it. I that case, you just need to allow the port for TCP/IP connection

Traditional Process

  • Run $ npm install
  • Run $ npm run build
  • Now tell your webserver to serve from dist/ directory.
    You must remember to forward every request to /index.html. Because this app handles routing with Vue Router.

And of course, You want to update anything please send a PR to my repository. :)