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Cloud infrastructure as data in PostgreSQL

IaSQL is an open-source developer tool to inspect and provision cloud infrastructure via SQL by maintaining a 2-way connection between an unmodified PostgreSQL database and your AWS account. The rows in the database tables represent the infrastructure in your cloud account.

⚡️ Try out IaSQL

To get started with IaSQL using our documentation. Visit

💬 Community, Support, and Questions

Reach out on Discord

🔨 Use cases

☁️ Cloud Providers

AWS is our main focus at the moment, but we plan to support GCP, Azure and other cloud providers soon. Let us know if you need a specific AWS service and we might be able to prioritize it!

AWS coverage

An IaSQL module roughly maps to an AWS service. Check out our supported modules in this part of our docs.

AWS services that are going to be added next can be found here. Let us know if you would like to see one that is not listed!

🚀 Contribute

To contribute, visit