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L.DivIcon.SVGIcon is a simple and customizable SVG marker icon with no external library or file dependencies. By default, 1 emoji, 2 characters of text or about 3 numerals can fit inside the icon's inner circle. A custom image referenced by URL may also be placed inside the circle. Please note that the circle is actually optional, and text or an image may be used without showing the circle.

A shadow generated from the _createPathDescription method may also be added. As currently implemented, shadows are most compatible with shapes ending in a point.

Also included is L.Marker.SVGMarker, a small Marker wrapper class for SVGIcons with a setStyle implementation that handles marker opacity changes, monochromatic color changes and changes to specific icon options.

There are also 2 example subclasses provided. One is rhombus shaped and includes an example SVGMarker subclass specific to this icon. The other is shaped like the Washington Monument.


  • Leaflet 0.7+ (earlier versions may work, but are untested; 1.7.1 has been tested)
  • Browser support for SVG


The following example is centered on the Washington Monument and allows for the manipulation of all icon options. The default options are shown as placeholder text. The icon can also be changed to either of the example subclasses.



  • Include the source file
<script src="svg-icon.js"></script>
  • Use an SVGMarker
var marker = new L.Marker.SVGMarker(latlng)
  • Use an SVGMarker with customized icon options
var marker = new L.Marker.SVGMarker(latlng, { iconOptions: { color: "rgb(0,0,100)" }})
  • Use any place Icons are accepted
var marker = new L.Marker(latlng, { icon: new L.DivIcon.SVGIcon() })



Unspecified Icon options are ignored

Option Type Default Description
circleText String "" Text to include in the center of the icon
className String "svg-icon" Class prefix to use for icon elements
circleAnchor Point [iconSize.x/2, iconSize.x/2] Point of origin for the icon's inner circle
circleColor String same as "color" Color of the icon's inner circle border
circleOpacity Number same as "opacity" Opacity of the icon's inner circle border
circleFillColor String "rgb(255,255,255)" Color of the icon's inner circle interior
circleFillOpacity Number same as "opacity" Opacity of the icon's inner circle interior
circleRatio Number 0.5 Ratio of the width of the icon's inner circle to the width of the marker. Set to 0 to disable circle
circleImagePath String "" A URL to an image to place in the middle of the circle. Supercedes circleText if both are provided
circleImageSize Point [iconSize.x/4, iconSize.x/4] The size of the inner image
circleImageAnchor Point [(iconSize.x - circleImageSize.x)/2, (iconSize.x - circleImageSize.y)/2] Position of the image from the upper left
circleWeight Number same as "weight" Width of the icon's inner circle border
color String "rgb(0,102,255)" Color of the icon's border
fillColor String same as "color" Color of the icon's interior
fillOpacity Number 0.4 Opacity of the icon's interior
fontColor String "rgb(0,0,0)" Color of the icon's center text
fontOpacity Number 1 Opacity of the icon's center text
fontSize Number iconSize.x/4 Font size in pixels of the icon's center text
fontWeight String "normal" The CSS font-weight of the icon's center text
iconAnchor Point [iconSize.x/2, iconSize.y] The point to align over the marker's geographic location
iconSize Point [32,48] The size of the icon
opacity Number 1 Opacity of the icon's border
popupAnchor Point [0,(-0.75*iconSize.y)] Point of origin for bound popups relative to the iconAnchor
shadowAngle Number 45 The angle of the shadow in degrees
shadowBlur Number 1 The standard deviation of the Gaussian blur
shadowColor String "rgb(0,0,10)" Color of the shadow
shadowEnable Boolean false Whether to display the shadow
shadowLength Number 0.75 Ratio of the shadow's length to the icon's height
shadowOpacity Number 0.5 Opacity of the shadow
shadowTranslate Point [0,0] A modification of the shadow's location
weight Number 2 The width of the icon's border


All standard L.Marker options are supported excluding icon. To customize the icon, pass a dictionary of icon options using the iconOptions SVGMarker option. There is an example in the Usage section.

Option Type Default Description
iconFactory method L.divIcon.svgIcon The factory method to use when creating the SVGIcon. Only useful for SVGIcon subclasses
iconOptions Dictionary {} A dictionary of icon options to pass



This class does not include any methods that are intended to be user accessible as part of normal use. The following are the internal methods used to generate the icon. All methods with the exception of _createPathDescription are customizable using icon options only. Due to the computations inherent in creating a scalable path description, _createPathDescription must be overridden in order to change the overall icon shape.


Creates the icon's inner circle. This method is 100% customizable using icon options exclusively, and should not need to be overridden in most cases.


Creates the main body of the icon. All aspects of the icon body with the exception of the shape itself may be customized used icon options.


Creates the drawing instructions for the icon's shape. This method must be overridden in order to change the icon's shape. See the Advanced Customization section for more information.


Creates the final SVG element. This method should not need to be overridden. Note that if adding HTML elements, they need to be placed outside the main element.


Creates the SVG text element. More text can be fit without overriding this method by increasing the size of the icon and specifying a font size.



This method supports three style values:

  • opacity: Equivalent to using setOpacity i.e. the opacity of the entire marker icon changes.
  • color: Monochromatically sets the icon border color, interior color and inner circle border color
  • iconOptions: A dictionary of specific icon options to change. These may be any SVGIcon option.

If "color" and "iconOptions" are specified, "iconOptions.color" is set to "color".

Advanced Customization

Modifying the icon's shape

The body of the icon is drawn using an SVG path. The shape may be changed by replacing the _createPathDescription method of L.DivIcon.SVGIcon to return a different path description i.e. the path drawing instructions. Please see the Mozilla Developer Network's SVG Path Tutorial for more information on SVG paths.

This repository includes an example L.DivIcon.SVGIcon.RhombusIcon subclass and accompanying convenience L.Marker.SVGMarker.RhombusMarker subclass.

Disabling the icon's inner circle or text

By default, the icon has a semi-transparent body with an opaque white circle in order to increase visibility and allow for a small amount of easily legible text. If you don't need the circle, the simplest way to exclude it is to set "circleRatio" to 0 which will result in a circle with a radius of zero.

If you will be creating a large number of icons or writing a subclass that doesn't need either the circle or displayed text, generating the circle and text elements can be disabled entirely by either overridding _createCircle/_createText to return an empty string or overriding _createSVG to exclude calling the creation methods for the unneeded elements.


An SVG-based Icon for Leaflet and an accompanying Marker class







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