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GWT Boot: BOMs and POMs, Starters, Dependencies and Parent
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GWT Boot: Starters

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GWT BOMs and POMs - GWT Dependencies and Starters

GWT Boot Starter dependencies is basically a simple Starter dependencies collection for GWT just like Spring Boot Starter dependencies. The idea is taken from Spring Boot Starters

GWT Boot Starters are a set of convenient dependency descriptors that you can include in your application. You get a one-stop-shop for all the GWT and related technology that you need without having to hunt through sample code and copy paste loads of dependency descriptors. For example, if you want to get started using GWT and Domino UI for your Material Design and Elemental2 just include the spring-boot-starter-ui-domino dependency in your project, and you are good to go.

List of all supported GWT frameworks

Name Framework Supported Browser Technology Status Examples
gwt-boot-starter-parent Parent starter for GWT Boot No web Integrated -
gwt-boot-starter Standard GWT widgets Widget Integrated gwt-boot-sample-basic
gwt-boot-starter-ui-domino domino-ui Elemental2 Integrated gwt-boot-sample-ui-domino, gwt-boot-sample-ui-domino-dagger2
gwt-boot-starter-ui-gwtbootstrap3 gwtbootstrap3 Widget Integrated gwt-boot-sample-ui-gwtbootstrap3
gwt-boot-starter-ui-vue-gwt vue-gwt Elemental2 Integrated gwt-boot-sample-ui-vue-gwt
gwt-boot-starter-ui-gwtreact gwt-react Elemental2 - -
gwt-boot-starter-ui-gwtmaterial gwt-material Widget Integrated gwt-boot-sample-ui-gwtmaterial
gwt-boot-starter-ui-errai errai Elemental2 - -
gwt-boot-starter-rxgwt rxgwt No web Integrated gwt-boot-sample-rxgwt
gwt-boot-starter-restygwt resty-gwt No web Integrated gwt-boot-sample-collection
gwt-boot-starter-test gwtmockito No web Integrated gwt-boot-sample-collection, gwt-boot-sample-ui-domino-dagger2
gwt-boot-starter-gwteventbinder gwteventbinder No web Integrated gwt-boot-sample-collection
gwt-boot-starter-gin gin No web Integrated gwt-boot-sample-collection
gwt-boot-starter-dagger2 dagger2 No web Integrated gwt-boot-sample-ui-domino-dagger2

For Spring Boot developers there are separate starters with "*-with-spring-boot".

Name Framework Supported Browser Technology Status Examples
gwt-boot-starter-parent-with-spring-boot Parent starter for GWT Boot with Spring Boot No web Integrated -
gwt-boot-starter-with-spring-boot Standard GWT running with Spring Boot Widget Integrated gwt-boot-sample-basic-with-spring-boot

Using GWT Boot Starters

Using gwt-boot-starter-parent as Parent POM

Similar to Spring Boot with Parent POM

Using without Parent POM

Similar to Spring Boot without Parent POM

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