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General purpose utilities for use with GWT JsInterop
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General purpose utilities for use with GWT JsInterop capabilities introduced in GWT 2.8

Please note: the project currently depends on a Snapshot build of GWT 2.8 to work. Consider this project a preview. The API is highly likely to change.


Check out the Documentation for details.

##Getting Started

You can download the latest release .jar from Maven Central using the following coordinates:

  • groupId    com.github.gwtreact
  • artifactId  gwt-interop-utils
  • version    0.1.0


  • Add support for shared date and timestamp values


Once the project is stable we will be happy to except pull requests. If you find any problems please file issues.

##Change log

Date Version Description
6/16/2016 0.1.0 initial preview release to Maven
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