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This project contains Maven archetypes for modular GWT projects.

How to use

Generate a project

mvn archetype:generate \
   -DarchetypeCatalog= \
   -DarchetypeGroupId=net.ltgt.gwt.archetypes \
   -DarchetypeArtifactId=<artifactId> \

where the available <artifactIds> are:

  • modular-webapp
  • modular-requestfactory
  • dagger-guice-rf-activities

This uses the snapshot deployed to Sonatype OSS. Alternatively, and/or if you want to hack on / contribute to the archetypes, you can clone and install the project locally:

git clone
cd gwt-maven-archetypes && mvn clean install

You'll then use the mvn archetype:generate command from above, except for the -DarchetypeCatalog argument which you'll remove, as you now want to use your local catalog.

Start the development mode

Change directory to your generated project and issue the following commands:

  1. In one terminal window: mvn gwt:codeserver -pl *-client -am
  2. In another terminal window: mvn tomcat7:run -pl *-server -am -Denv=dev

The same is available with tomcat6 instead of tomcat7.

Or if you'd rather use Jetty than Tomcat, use cd *-server && mvn jetty:start -Denv=dev instead of mvn tomcat7:run.

Note that the -pl and -am are not strictly necessary, they just tell Maven not to build the client module when you're dealing with the server one, and vice versa.


There's a special profile defined in the POM file of server modules: env-dev, which is used only when developping. It configures the Tomcat and Jetty plugins and removes the dependency on the client module (declared in the env-prod profile, active by default.)

To activate the env-dev profile you can provide the -Denv=dev system property, or use -Penv-dev.


To use variable interpolation in parameters during mvn archetype:generate, you need at least version 2.2 of the maven-archetype-plugin. Archetypes use ${module.toLowerCase()} as the default value for the module-short-name parameter, so if you don't use version 2.2 or above of the maven-archetype-plugin, make sure you provide a value and do not use the default one for that parameter. You can also make sure you use version 2.2 of the plugin by using mvn org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-archetype-plugin:2.2:generate instead of mvn archetype:generate. It should be noted that variable interpolation also does not work in M2Eclipse's wizard, despite using recent versions of Maven thus (probably) a recent-enough version of the maven-archetype-plugin.

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