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A button à la Material Design
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Demo and API docs


Material design: Buttons

paper-button is a button. When the user touches the button, a ripple effect emanates from the point of contact. It may be flat or raised. A raised button is styled with a shadow.


<paper-button>Flat button</paper-button>
<paper-button raised>Raised button</paper-button>
<paper-button noink>No ripple effect</paper-button>
<paper-button toggles>Toggle-able button</paper-button>

A button that has toggles true will remain active after being clicked (and will have an active attribute set). For more information, see the Polymer.IronButtonState behavior.

You may use custom DOM in the button body to create a variety of buttons. For example, to create a button with an icon and some text:

  <iron-icon icon="favorite"></iron-icon>
  custom button content

To use paper-button as a link, wrap it in an anchor tag. Since paper-button will already receive focus, you may want to prevent the anchor tag from receiving focus as well by setting its tabindex to -1.

<a href="" tabindex="-1">
  <paper-button raised>Polymer Project</paper-button>


Style the button with CSS as you would a normal DOM element.

paper-button.fancy {
  background: green;
  color: yellow;

paper-button.fancy:hover {
  background: lime;

paper-button[toggles][active] {
  background: red;

By default, the ripple is the same color as the foreground at 25% opacity. You may customize the color using the --paper-button-ink-color custom property.

The following custom properties and mixins are also available for styling:

Custom property Description Default
--paper-button-ink-color Background color of the ripple Based on the button's color
--paper-button Mixin applied to the button {}
--paper-button-disabled Mixin applied to the disabled button. Note that you can also use the paper-button[disabled] selector {}
--paper-button-flat-keyboard-focus Mixin applied to a flat button after it's been focused using the keyboard {}
--paper-button-raised-keyboard-focus Mixin applied to a raised button after it's been focused using the keyboard {}
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