The command line client for Cloud Foundry - the open platform as a service project
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CLI for Cloud Foundry (compatible with next generation also known as v2)

The CLI for Cloud Foundry is being completely rewritten. Installation, usage & contribution instructions are below.

To use this CLI, your Cloud Foundry installation can be either running the v1 cloud controller or cloud_controller_ng, which is a part of the latest cf-release.

Some features, notably the ones using the v2 api, require cloud_controller_ng.


$ gem install vmc
$ vmc -v
vmc 0.4.2


$ git clone
$ cd vmc
$ bundle install
$ rake gem:install


$ vmc help --all
Getting Started
  info            	Display information on the current target, user, etc.
  target [URL]    	Set or display the target cloud, organization, and space
  targets         	List known targets.
  login [USERNAME]	Authenticate with the target
  logout          	Log out from the target
  register [EMAIL]	Create a user and log in
  colors          	Show color configuration

  app [APP]	Show app information
  apps     	List your applications

    delete APPS...     	Delete an application
    push [NAME]        	Push an application, syncing changes if it exists
    rename [APP] [NAME]	Rename an application
    restart APPS...    	Stop and start an application
    start APPS...      	Start an application
    stop APPS...       	Stop an application

    crashes APPS...         	List an app's crashed instances
    env [APP]               	Show all environment variables set for an app
    set-env APP NAME [VALUE]	Set an environment variable
    unset-env APP NAME      	Remove an environment variable
    file APP [PATH]         	Print out an app's file contents
    files APP [PATH]        	Examine an app's files
    tail APP [PATH]         	Stream an app's file contents
    health APPS...          	Get application health
    instances APPS...       	List an app's instances
    logs [APP]              	Print out an app's logs
    crashlogs APP           	Print out the logs for an app's crashed instances
    map APP URL             	Add a URL mapping for an app
    unmap APP [URL]         	Remove a URL mapping from an app
    scale [APP]             	Update the instances/memory limit for an application
    stats [APP]             	Display application instance status

  service INSTANCE	Show service instance information
  services        	List your service instances

    bind-service [INSTANCE] [APP]  	Bind a service instance to an application
    unbind-service [INSTANCE] [APP]	Unbind a service from an application
    create-service [SERVICE] [NAME]	Create a service
    delete-service [INSTANCE]      	Delete a service
    rename-service [SERVICE] [NAME]	Rename a service
    tunnel [INSTANCE] [CLIENT]     	Tells you to install tunnel-vmc-plugin

  create-org [NAME]               	Create an organization
  delete-org [ORGANIZATION]       	Delete an organization
  org [ORGANIZATION]              	Show organization information
  orgs                            	List available organizations
  rename-org [ORGANIZATION] [NAME]	Rename an organization

  create-space [NAME] [ORGANIZATION]	Create a space in an organization
  delete-space SPACES...            	Delete a space and its contents
  rename-space [SPACE] [NAME]       	Rename a space
  space [SPACE]                     	Show space information
  spaces [ORGANIZATION]             	List spaces in an organization
  take-space NAME                   	Switch to a space, creating it if it doesn't exist

  create-route [URL]  	Create a route
  delete-route [ROUTE]	Delete a route
  routes              	List routes in a space

  add-domain NAME       	Add a domain to a space
  create-domain NAME    	Create a domain
  delete-domain [DOMAIN]	Delete a domain
  domains [SPACE]       	List domains in a space
  remove-domain [DOMAIN]	Remove a domain from a space

  users	List all users

  User Management
    create-user [EMAIL]	Create a user
    delete-user EMAIL  	Delete a user
    passwd [USER]      	Update a user's password

      --[no-]color       Use colorful output
      --[no-]script      Shortcut for --quiet and --force
  -V, --verbose          Print extra information
  -f, --[no-]force       Skip interaction when possible
  -h, --help             Show command usage & instructions
  -m, --manifest FILE    Path to manifest file to use
  -q, --[no-]quiet       Simplify output format
  -t, --trace            Show API requests and responses
  -u, --proxy EMAIL      Act as another user (admin only)
  -v, --version          Print version number


There is a Cloud Foundry documentation set for open source developers, and one for users:

To make changes to the documentation, see the docs repository and sumbit a pull request.

Ask Questions

Questions about the Cloud Foundry Open Source Project can be directed to our Google Groups.

Questions about can be directed to:

File a Bug

To file a bug against Cloud Foundry Open Source and its components, sign up and use our bug tracking system:

OSS Contributions

If you'd like to contribute, please submit a pull request on our github repository!