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Ignasi Bartomeus Roig

E-mail: Google Scholar:
Date of birth: 09-April-1981 Altmetrics:
Nationality: Spanish R code in Github:
Webpage: Twitter: [@ibartomeus](

Short bio:

I am a community ecologist interested in understanding how different drivers of global change are affecting biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. I focus on pollinators and their function: the pollination of 80% of the worldwide plant species. I obtained my PhD (Suma Cum Laude) in 2008 at the “Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona", advised by Dr. Montserrat Vilà. My PhD explored how biological plant invasions can modify the structure of plant-pollinator networks (Oecologia 2008, 155:761-770). In 2009 I did a short postdoctoral stage with Dr. Daniel Sol (CREAF-CSIC) exploring the role of life history traits on explaining biological invasions (Science 2012, 337:580-583). In 2010 I moved to Dr. Rachael Winfree lab (Rutgers University) with a postdoctoral fellowship funded by the Spanish Education Ministry. I investigated changes in native bee communities over time in North America (PNAS 2013, 110:4656-4660), and changes in bee phenology attributable to climate change (PNAS 2011, 108: 20645–20649). On 2012 I took a postdoctoral position in the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences with Dr. Riccardo Bommarco to work on the LIBERATION EU FP7-project. I published several collaborative papers showcasing the importance of wild pollinators for crop production. These papers are having a strong impact on how we perceive agro-ecosystems and on EU policy (Science 2013 339:1608-1611, Nature Comm. 2015 6:7414, PNAS 2016 113, 146-151). Since 2014 I run my own lab as a "Ramón y Cajal" researcher at Estación Biológica de Doñana (EBD-CSIC), Spain. I published 53 scientific papers cited more than 3950 times (H-index = 27). I am on the board of the Spanish Association of Terrestrial Ecology (AEET) and in the editorial board of Journal of Ecology and Oikos. I am an advanced R user and I believe in the open sharing of data, code and ideas to stimulate science advance. Likewise, I find important to be involved in science outreach in order to transfer my results to the society. I created outreach material for different media and gave public talks in schools and public spaces. > All citation sources: Google-Scholar 2018-06-29


  • PhD in Ecology (Suma Cum Laude), “Integration and impacts of invasive plants on plant-pollination networks”. UAB (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona). Advisor: M. Vilà. May 2008.

  • MSc in Ecology: “The Outcome of Carpobrotus and Opuntia invasions on plant-pollinator Mediterranean networks”. UAB. Advisor: M. Vilà. April 2006.

  • BS in Biology, specialization in Vegetal Biology and Ecology. UAB. June 2004.

Scientific experience

Period Position
2014 - Present Ramón y Cajal researcher at Estación Biológica de Doñana (EBD-CSIC).
2012 - 2014 Postdoctoral researcher at Dr. Riccardo Bommarco laboratory (SLU, Sweden).
2014 - 2014 Short stage at Universidad RioNegro (Bariloche , Argentina) to work with Dr. Lucas Garibaldi.
2010 - 2012 Postdoctoral fellow at Dr. Winfree laboratory (Rutgers University, USA), Funded through a Spanish Education Ministry Postdoctoral Fellowship (EX2009- 1017).
2009 - 2010 Postdoctoral researcher at Dr. Sol laboratory (CREAF; Center for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications, Spain)
2008 - 2008 Research assistant in the FLEXIADAPT project (CREAF)
2004 - 2008 Predoctoral fellowship (UAB-CREAF). Funded through the ALARM Project (Assessing LArge scale enviromental Risks for biodiversity with tested Methods, UE 6th FP)
2007 - 2007 Lab Technician (part time job) in the Molecular Biology laboratory Semillas Fito (Spain).
2006 - 2006 Intership in the Agroecological Institute of Gottingen University (Germany), with Dr. Steffan-Dewenter.
2003 - 2004 Research assistant fellowship in the Ecology Department at UAB (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona). Funded by Ministerio Español de Ciencia y Tecnologia.
2002 - 2003 Internship at CREAF working on the Epidemie project.

Bartomeus lab members

Period Position Person
2015 - Present PhD student Carlos Zaragoza: Synergies between Glogal change drivers on bee populations.
2015 - Present PhD student Miguel Ángel Collado: Brain structures of bee species and its relation to behaviour (FPI: SURVIVE HIREC project).
2014 - 2018 PhD student Jamie Stavert (Co-supervisor with Jaquelline Beggs) : Functinal Biodiversity as a tool to enhance crop production.
2017 - Present PhD student José Barragán (Co-supervisor with Romina Rader) : Using novel technologies to link land use change and its impact upon agriculture.
2016 - 2018 Postdoctoral researcher Cristina Botías: bee-pathogen networks (Juan de la Cierva).
2015 - 2016 Postdoctoral researcher Ainhoa Magrach: plant-pollinator networks in agroecosystems (ECODEAL project).
2015 - Present Technician Curro Molina: Lab manager
2015 - 2016 Master student José Barragán: competition and mutualism as drivers of plant coexistence.


I published 53 scientific papers, which were cited more than 3950 times (H-index = 27). I am among the 10% most cited researchers in the last 5 years in the Ecology/Environment cathegory according to the Essential Science indicators of the Web of Science.

Title Authors Journal Year Citations
Plant–pollinator networks in semi‐natural grasslands are resistant to the loss of pollinators during blooming of mass‐flowering crops A Magrach, A Holzschuh, I Bartomeus, V Riedinger, SPM Roberts, ... Ecography 41 (1), 62-74 2018 5
Species turnover promotes the importance of bee diversity for crop pollination at regional scales R Winfree, JR Reilly, I Bartomeus, DP Cariveau, NM Williams, J Gibbs Science 359 (6377), 791-793 2018 4
Towards the integration of niche and network theories O Godoy, I Bartomeus, RP Rohr, S Saavedra Trends in ecology & evolution 2018 2
Exotic flies maintain pollination services as native pollinators decline with agricultural expansion JR Stavert, DE Pattemore, I Bartomeus, AC Gaskett, JR Beggs Journal of Applied Ecology 55 (4), 1737-1746 2018 0
Opposing effects of floral visitors and soil conditions on the determinants of competitive outcomes maintain species diversity in heterogeneous landscapes JB Lanuza, I Bartomeus, O Godoy Ecology letters 21 (6), 865-874 2018 0
Revisiting the open-field test: what does it really tell us about animal personality? D Perals, AS Griffin, I Bartomeus, D Sol Animal behaviour 123, 69-79 2017 15
Urbanisation and the loss of phylogenetic diversity in birds D Sol, I Bartomeus, C González‐Lagos, S Pavoine Ecology letters 20 (6), 721-729 2017 10
Honeybee spillover reshuffles pollinator diets and affects plant reproductive success A Magrach, JP González-Varo, M Boiffier, M Vilà, I Bartomeus Nature ecology & evolution 1 (9), 1299 2017 9
Sustained functional composition of pollinators in restored pastures despite slow functional restoration of plants M Winsa, E Öckinger, R Bommarco, R Lindborg, SPM Roberts, ... Ecology and evolution 7 (11), 3836-3846 2017 3
On the inconsistency of pollinator species traits for predicting either response to land‐use change or functional contribution I Bartomeus, DP Cariveau, T Harrison, R Winfree Oikos 2017 2
Exotic species enhance response diversity to land-use change but modify functional composition JR Stavert, DE Pattemore, AC Gaskett, JR Beggs, I Bartomeus Proc. R. Soc. B 284 (1860), 20170788 2017 1
Curso AEET" Optimizando el uso de R para el análisis de datos en ecología" FR Sánchez, I Bartomeus Revista Ecosistemas 26 (2), 67-68 2017 0
rOpenSci: cómo acceder de forma reproducible a repositorios de datos públicos I Bartomeus Revista Ecosistemas 26 (1), 126-127 2017 0
Non-bee insects are important contributors to global crop pollination R Rader, I Bartomeus, LA Garibaldi, MPD Garratt, BG Howlett, R Winfree, ... Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (1), 146-151 2016 125
A common framework for identifying linkage rules across different types of interactions I Bartomeus, D Gravel, JM Tylianakis, MA Aizen, IA Dickie, ... Functional Ecology 30 (12), 1894-1903 2016 43
Linking species functional roles to their network roles C Coux, R Rader, I Bartomeus, JM Tylianakis Ecology letters 19 (7), 762-770 2016 25
The allometry of bee proboscis length and its uses in ecology DP Cariveau, GK Nayak, I Bartomeus, J Zientek, JS Ascher, J Gibbs, ... PloS one 11 (3), e0151482 2016 18
Hairiness: the missing link between pollinators and pollination JR Stavert, G Liñán-Cembrano, JR Beggs, BG Howlett, DE Pattemore, ... PeerJ 4, e2779 2016 11
Ciencia reproducible: qué, por qué, cómo F Rodriguez-Sanchez, AJ Pérez-Luque, I Bartomeus, S Varela Revista Ecosistemas 25 (2), 83-92 2016 4
The potential of electricity transmission corridors in forested areas as bumblebee habitat B Hill, I Bartomeus Royal Society open science 3 (11), 160525 2016 3
Delivery of crop pollination services is an insufficient argument for wild pollinator conservation D Kleijn, R Winfree, I Bartomeus, LG Carvalheiro, M Henry, R Isaacs, ... Nature communications 6, 7414 2015 224
Functional identity and diversity of animals predict ecosystem functioning better than species-based indices V Gagic, I Bartomeus, T Jonsson, A Taylor, C Winqvist, C Fischer, ... Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences 282 (1801 … 2015 160
Trait matching of flower visitors and crops predicts fruit set better than trait diversity LA Garibaldi, I Bartomeus, R Bommarco, AM Klein, SA Cunningham, ... Journal of Applied Ecology 52 (6), 1436-1444 2015 36
Pollinators, pests and soil properties interactively shape oilseed rape yield I Bartomeus, V Gagic, R Bommarco Basic and applied ecology 16 (8), 737-745 2015 17
The potential for indirect effects between co‐flowering plants via shared pollinators depends on resource abundance, accessibility and relatedness LG Carvalheiro, JC Biesmeijer, G Benadi, J Fründ, M Stang, I Bartomeus, ... Ecology letters 17 (11), 1389-1399 2014 70
The winners and losers of land use intensification: Pollinator community disassembly is non‐random and alters functional diversity R Rader, I Bartomeus, JM Tylianakis, E Laliberté Diversity and Distributions 20 (8), 908-917 2014 59
Contribution of insect pollinators to crop yield and quality varies with agricultural intensification I Bartomeus, SG Potts, I Steffan-Dewenter, BE Vaissiere, ... PeerJ 2, e328 2014 58
Consequences of plant invasions on compartmentalization and species’ roles in plant–pollinator networks M Albrecht, B Padrón, I Bartomeus, A Traveset Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences 281 (1788 … 2014 48
Wild pollinators enhance fruit set of crops regardless of honey bee abundance LA Garibaldi, I Steffan-Dewenter, R Winfree, MA Aizen, R Bommarco, ... Science 339 (6127), 1608-1611 2013 914
Historical changes in northeastern US bee pollinators related to shared ecological traits I Bartomeus, JS Ascher, J Gibbs, BN Danforth, DL Wagner, SM Hedtke, ... Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (12), 4656-4660 2013 212
Biodiversity ensures plant–pollinator phenological synchrony against climate change I Bartomeus, MG Park, J Gibbs, BN Danforth, AN Lakso, R Winfree Ecology letters 16 (11), 1331-1338 2013 107
Native bees buffer the negative impact of climate warming on honey bee pollination of watermelon crops R Rader, J Reilly, I Bartomeus, R Winfree Global change biology 19 (10), 3103-3110 2013 80
Understanding linkage rules in plant-pollinator networks by using hierarchical models that incorporate pollinator detectability and plant traits I Bartomeus PloS one 8 (7), e69200 2013 25
Pollinator declines: reconciling scales and implications for ecosystem services I Bartomeus, R Winfree F1000 Research F1000Research 2 2013 12
Unraveling the life history of successful invaders D Sol, J Maspons, M Vall-Llosera, I Bartomeus, GE García-Peña, J Piñol, ... Science 337 (6094), 580-583 2012 144
The paradox of invasion in birds: competitive superiority or ecological opportunism? D Sol, I Bartomeus, AS Griffin Oecologia 169 (2), 553-564 2012 56
Consumer and motor innovation in the common myna: the role of motivation and emotional responses D Sol, AS Griffin, I Bartomeus Animal Behaviour 83 (1), 179-188 2012 34
Deconstructing the native–exotic richness relationship in plants I Bartomeus, D Sol, J Pino, P Vicente, X Font Global Ecology and Biogeography 21 (5), 524-533 2012 30
Honey bee colony winter losses and treatments against Varroa destructor in New Jersey, USA, 2010-11 A Novy, T Schuler, I Bartomeus, J Katz, M Robson Science of Bee Culture 4 (1), 6-8 2012 1
Native pollinators in anthropogenic habitats R Winfree, I Bartomeus, DP Cariveau Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics 42 (1), 1 2011 236
Climate-associated phenological advances in bee pollinators and bee-pollinated plants I Bartomeus, JS Ascher, D Wagner, BN Danforth, S Colla, S Kornbluth, ... Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (51), 20645-20649 2011 223
Exploring or avoiding novel food resources? The novelty conflict in an invasive bird D Sol, AS Griffin, I Bartomeus, H Boyce PloS one 6 (5), e19535 2011 101
The Circe principle: are pollinators waylaid by attractive habitats? I Bartomeus, R Winfree Current Biology 21 (17), R652-R654 2011 8
Combined effects of Impatiens glandulifera invasion and landscape structure on native plant pollination I Bartomeus, M Vila, I Steffan‐Dewenter Journal of Ecology 98 (2), 440-450 2010 84
Vegetation response after removal of the invasive Carpobrotus hybrid complex in Andalucía, Spain J Andreu, E Manzano-Piedras, I Bartomeus, ED Dana, M Vilà Ecological Restoration 28 (4), 440-448 2010 19
Invasive plant integration into native plant–pollinator networks across Europe M Vilà, I Bartomeus, AC Dietzsch, T Petanidou, I Steffan-Dewenter, ... Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences 276 (1674), 3887-3893 2009 136
Breeding system and pollen limitation in two supergeneralist alien plants invading Mediterranean shrublands I Bartomeus, M Vilà Australian Journal of Botany 57 (2), 109-115 2009 20
Contrasting effects of invasive plants in plant–pollinator networks I Bartomeus, M Vilà, L Santamaría Oecologia 155 (4), 761-770 2008 203
High invasive pollen transfer, yet low deposition on native stigmas in a Carpobrotus-invaded community I Bartomeus, J Bosch, M Vilà Annals of Botany 102 (3), 417-424 2008 57
Demography of the invasive geophyte Oxalis pes-caprae across a Mediterranean island M Vila, I Bartomeus, I Gimeno, A Traveset, E Moragues Annals of Botany 97 (6), 1055-1062 2006 38

Other publications:

Title Authors Published in Year
Package ‘taxize’ S Chamberlain, E Szoecs, Z Foster, Z Arendsee 2018
Invasive plants as novel food resources, the pollinators’ perspective I Bartomeus, J Fründ, NM Williams Biological Invasions and Animal Behaviour 119 2016
Micro-CT as a tool straddling scientist research, art and education. Study of Osmia sp., a mason bee (Insecta, Hymenoptera: Megachilidae) J Alba-Tercedor, I Bartomeus Bruker Micro-CT Users Meeting 74-91 2016
Ecoinformática: nuevo grupo de trabajo de la Asociación Española de Ecología Terrestre F Rodríguez-Sánchez, AJ Pérez-Luque, I Bartomeus, S Varela Ecosistemas 25 (2), 115 2016
El declive de las abejas: cinco conceptos mal entendidos GT ECOFLOR, I Bartomeus Quercus 2016
Climate change and agriculture in the United States: Effects and adaptation CL Walthall, J Hatfield, P Backlund, L Lengnick, E Marshall, M Walsh, ... USDA Technical Bulletin 2012
Mapping Plant-Invader Integration into Plant-Pollinator Networks M Vilà, I Bartomeus, A Dietzsch, T Petanidou, I Steffan-Dewenter, J Stout, ... Pensoft Publishers 2010
Los mutualismos facilitan las invasiones, y las invasoras impactan sobre los mutualismos nativos A Traveset, C Morales, M Nogales, B Padrón, I Bartomeus Invasiones Biológicas, Madrid, CSIC, MCI, Gobierno de España 77-89 2008

Publications under review or in preparation

Title Authors Pre-print
The need for coordinated transdisciplinary research infrastructures for pollinator conservation and crop pollination resilience I Bartomeus, L Dicks PeerJ Preprints 6, e26898v1
Species-habitat networks: Bridging applied ecology and network theory L Marini, I Bartomeus, R Rader, F Lami bioRxiv 326041
Historic collections as a tool for assessing the global pollinator crisis I Bartomeus, J Stavert, D Ward, O Aguado bioRxiv 296921
Bees use anthropogenic habitats despite strong natural habitat preferences MÁ Collado, D Sol, I Bartomeus bioRxiv 278812

Research Grants

Since 2013 I got 461000 EUR in external support, including European, national and private funding.

Projects where I am principal investigator (PI) or where I had a main role in writting and executting the project.

Period Title Amount Agency
2018 - 2019 Simple models that capture the complexity of multi-species coexistence (SIMPLEX). Proyecto Explora Ciencia (MINECO). PI: I.Bartomeus 36000 MINECO
2018 - 2019 Creación de habitats para la conservación de abejas. Contrato tecnico. PI: I.Bartomeus 25000 La Granja San Francisco.
2018 - 2019 Unveiling wild bee pathogen transmission patterns at the community level. PI: I.Bartomeus & C. Botias 10000 Eva Crane Trust
2015 - 2016 Entendiendo el pasado para predecir el futuro de los polinizadores. Proyecto Fundación BBVA para jóvenes investigadores. PI: I. Bartomeus 35000 FBBVA
2015 - 2017 Unificando estructura de redes y coexistencia entre especies (LINCX). Proyecto Explora Ciencia (MINECO). PI: I.Bartomeus 65000 MINECO
2014 - 2017 Pollinator responses to global change and its implications for ecosystem functioning (BeeFun). Project EU FP7 MC-CIG. PI: I. Bartomeus. 1e+05 MC-CIG
2014 - 2017 Life history strategies to cope with human-induced rapid environmental changes (Survive-Hirec). Plan Nacional, PI: D. Sol & I.Bartomeus 165000 MINECO
2013 - 2014 Managing Ecosystem Services in Field Bean. 2013. CL Behm Fund baljväxtodling. PI: I. Bartomeus & R. Bommarco. 25000 Behm Fund

Projects where I actively participated as researcher

Period Title Agency
2016 - 2020 Servicios ecosistémicos de polinización y dispersión en áreas naturales protegidas (P416RT0194). PI: Mauricio Quesada (collaborating 10 countries and ) CYTED
2015 - 2018 Enhancing biodiversity-based ecosystem services to crops through optimized densities of green infrastructure in agricultural landscapes (BiodivERsA-FACCE2014-68: ECODEAL). PI: Yann Clought (collaborating 5 EU countries and 20 researchers) Biodiversa
2013 - 2016 LIBERATION: LInking farmland Biodiversity to Ecosystem seRvices for effective ecofunctional intensificATION (Biodiversa) PI: David Klein Biodiversa
2012 - 2014 Flexibilidad del comportamiento y adaptación a cambios ambientales (FLEXIADAPT) Plan Nacional, PI: D. Sol MINECO
2012 - 2012 How many species are required for ecosystem services? Faculty research grant program. Rutgers University. PI: R. Winfree Rutgers University
2012 - 2014 SAPES Multifunctional Agriculture: Harnessing Biodiversity for Sustaining Agricultural Production and Ecosystem Services PI: Henrick Smith FORMAS
2010 - 2010 Assessing pollinator changes using a 140 years data set. Pre tenure faculty award. PI: Rachael Winfree Rutgers University
2005 - 2007 INVASRED: Efecto de las especies invasoras en las redes de polinización. PI: Montse Vilà MINECO
2004 - 2008 ALARM: Assessing LArge-scale environmental Risks with tested Methods (GOCE-CT-2003-506675). PI: Josef Settele EU FP-6


Period Place Title
Winter 2016 Universidad Huelva MSc course “Tecnicas avanzadas de stadistica”. Huelva. (30 h.)
Fall 2016 Asociación Española de Ecología Terrestre “Optimizando el uso de R para análisis en ecología”. Sevilla. (40 h.)
Spring 2016 Centro Andaluz de Estudios Avanzados “Introducci¢n a R para el manejo y análisis de datos”. Sevilla. (20 h.)
Spring 2013 Swidish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) Data management. Department of Ecology. Sweden. (16h)
Spring 2012 Swidish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) Lecturer for the MSc curse Biological interactions . Department of Ecology. Sweden. (20 h)
2010 - 2012 Rutgers University Guest lecturer for the following curses: Incect Ecology, Pollinator Ecology and Invasive Plants Biology. (6 h)
Spring 2011 Rutgers University Mentoring of high school student Divya Seshadri within the Science Research program at The Lawrenceville School. Princeton
2009 - 2010 Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona Graduate Teaching Assistantship in the ecology department form the Biology degree. Barcelona (120 h)
Spring 2009 Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona Guest lecturer for the Master curse Ecological theory. Department of Ecology. Barcelona. (8 h)
Summer 2009 Universidad Estelí How to organize your scientific research. Estelí University. Nicaragua. (40 h.)
Spring 2015 Estación Biológica de Doñana Mentoring undergraduate research practices of Kate Mainprice from Bristol University.

Presentations in conferences

I participated in 19 national and international conferences as main presenter.

Period Place Contribution Title
2017 USA Invited oral contribution Bartomeus I. Extreme weather event impacts on the spatial and temporal phenological synchrony of plants and pollinators. ESA 2017, Portland.
2017 Belgium Invited oral contribution Bartomeus I. Decomposing the quantity and quality components of trait matching in plant-pollinator networks. EAB 2017. Gehnt.
2016 Sweden Poster Bartomeus, I. Predicting ecosystem functions: It's getting hairy. SCAPE meeting. Abisko.
2015 Germany Invited oral contribution Bartomeus, I. Mass flowering crops alter plant-pollinator networks. Gfö meeting. Göttingen.
2015 Portugal Invited oral contribution Bartomeus, I. Predicting functional consequences of species loss. Coimbra, Portugal
2015 Spain Oral contribution Bartomeus, I. An empirical evaluation of the role of network structure for community stability. ECOFLOR, Zahara de los atunes, Spain.
2014 USA Oral contribution Bartomeus, I. Bee traits predict functional loss in agroecosystems. Ecological Society of America, Minnesota.
2014 France Invited oral contribution Bartomeus, I. Are plant-pollinator networks enhancing stability? British Ecological Society meeting. Lille.
2014 Sweden Poster Bartomeus, I. Bringing together different systems to explain crop yield. Nordic Oikos Symposium. (
2013 USA Oral contribution Bartomeus, I. Bee tongue length and its uses in ecology. Ecological Society of America meeting. Sacramento.
2012 Norway Oral contribution Bartomeus, I., Bommarco, R. When pollination is limiting? SCAPE meeting.
2012 USA Oral contribution Bartomeus, I., J Ascher, and R Winfree. Historical changes in northeastern US bee pollinators related to shared ecological traits. Ecological Society of America meeting, Portland.
2012 USA Oral contribution Bartomeus I; Sol D; Griffin A. Exploring or Avoiding Novel Food Resources? The Novelty Conflict in an Invasive Bird. Oral presentation. Animal Behavior Society, Alburquerque.
2011 USA Oral contribution Bartomeus, I., J Ascher, S Colla, D Wagner, B Danforth, S Kornbluh, and R Winfree. Climate-associated phenological advances in bee pollinators and bee-pollinated plants. Entomological Society of America meeting, Reno.
2009 France Invited oral contribution Bartomeus, I. Invasive plants affecting native pollinators. Apimondia, Montpellier.
2008 Spain Poster Bartomeus, I., Vilà, M., Steffan-Dewenter, I.; The effect of the invasive plant Impatiens glandulifera overcomes landscape effects on Plant-pollinator networks. Ecology and evolution of plant animal interactions. Asociación Española de Ecología Terrestre (AEET), Mallorca.
2008 Spain Oral contribution Bartomeus, I., Bosch, J., Vilà, M; Pollen transfer networks. From Invasive anthers to native stigmas. Ecoflor 2008. Asociación Española de Ecología Terrestre (AEET), Valencia.
2008 Spain Oral contribution Bartomeus I, Vilà, M; Plant pollination networks, Dealing with invasive plants and landscape complexity, ALARM 2008 meeting, Sevilla.
2005 Spain Poster Bartomeus, I., Vilà, M., Santamaria, L. Garcia-Gironés, M.; Diversity in Mediterranean plant-pollinator networks: Do invasive plants have an effect? La unidad en la diversidad (Un congreso de ecologia tras el legado de Ramón Margalef). Barcelona.

Service, evaluator & consulting

I am commited to contribute to the advance of science by serving in national and international scientific organizations, by offering consulting and transference services to the private sector and co-organizing national scientific meetings and workshops.


Period Service
2017 - Present Editor of the Ecosistemas section notas ecoinformáticas (
2017 Organizing cometee of the AEET-MEDECOS meeting and responsible of the mentoring program and the workshops. Sevilla. (
2017 Organizer of ECOFLOR meeting, Sevilla.
2016 – Present Member of the cometee for re-organizing the long term monitoring program for Doñana Natural Park.
2016 - Present Founder and organizer of the EcoInformatics working group at AEET (
2016 Participation on the European Food Safety Authority (ESFA) expert cometee.
2016 Master Thesis cometee member for Universidad Pablo Olavide (UPO) master students 2015-2016
2016 PhD Thesis cometee of Ana Torne. UAB
2016 Reviewer of the tenure promotion dossiers of Dr. Laura Burkle. University of Montana.
2016 Guest editor of the special issue on pollinators for the journal Ecosystemas
2015 - Present Member of the Spanish asociation of terrestrial Ecology (AEET) board
2015 - Present Asociate Editor of Journal of Ecology (
2015 PhD Thesis cometee Molly Mc Leod. Rutgers Univerity, USA.
2014 - Present Founder and organizer of the Sevilla R users meeting group.
2014 PhD Thesis cometee Ana Montero-castaño. UAM
2014 Expert Reviewer for Thematic Assessment on Pollinators of the The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)
2011 - 2014 Asociate Faculty Member of F1000: (
2008 - Present Reviewer of more than 50 articles for the principal multidisciplinary and ecology journals, including Nature, Science, PNAS, Ecology Letters, .... Full verifyed list at


Period Organism
2016 Evaluator for the Estonian Research Council. Program: Mobilitas Pluss
2016 Evaluator of “Agencia Nacional de Evaluación y Prospectiva (ANEP) plan nacional” program
2016 Evaluator National Geografic research grants.
2015 Evaluator for “Agencia Nacional de Evaluación y Prospectiva (ANEP) plan nacional” program
2015 Panel member of the Noweigian Research Council (3 day pannel for the program: MILJOFORSK)
2014 & 2016 Evaluator for “Agencia Nacional de Evaluaci¢n y Prospectiva (ANEP) Program: Proyectos de I+D+i para jóvenes investigadores"
2011 Evaluator for the program Biodiversity Works 2010 ALW. Nederlands Organization for Scientific Research


Period Consulting
2016 Consulting on pollination best practices for Entomotech (4 hours)
2016 Co-development of a bumblebee counter with (
2015 Consulting on pollination best practices for Atlantic Blue, Huelva. (8 h.)


I enjoy explaining science to the society and contributing to increase scientific based awareness about important topics, like biodiversity decline.

2017 - Present Colaborating with Fundación DesQbre (
2016 Outreach video explaining what happens to the bees. Translated to English, Spanish, Catalan and Eskera and reaching more than 20.000 visist in youtube (
2016 Organizing cometee of "pint of science 2017" in Sevilla (
2016 Outreach talk during the Researchers night "Noche investigadores 2016"
2016 Sevilla Science Fair (5-7 mayo 2016). Worshop about bee nests.
2016 Co-organizer of a round table on science and outreach (University of Sevilla, 6 Oct. 2016)
2015 & 2016 Talks with high School kids at Barcelona (Colegi Sant Antoni Maria Claret) and Sevilla (IES Galileo Galilei)
2015 - Present Leader of a teaming group to create outreach material for bee entusiasts (
2015 Instalation of a bee hotel for public display at Seville Botanical Garden (El Carambolo)
2014 Poster at the public event during Researchers night 2014. Sevilla, Spain.
2011 & 2012 Invited talks at New York Horticultural society and Pennsylvania Native Plant Socienty.
2011 Workshop with NJ tomato farmers (
2010 Keynote-video introducing what's pollination continuously screened during the National Pollination Week at the Mercers County Soil Conservation District. (
2008 – Present I am regularly interviewed in local radios (7 interviews) and my articles are frequently highlihted newspapers (> 50 times)
2008 Public talk at Barcelona Science week. Parc de la ciutadella, Spain
2008 Aparence on local TV (TV3, show: "El mediambient")
For links to radio, TV and newspaper coverage:

Invited Talks

I have been invited to give talks at five national and international universities.

Period Country Place
2016 Switzerland Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (AEGAW). Zurich. Invited by Dr. Simone Fontana.
2016 Spain La Mayora, CSIC, Malaga. Invited by Dr. Eduardo de la Peña.
2014 UK WEB seminar series. University of Bristol. Invited by Jane Memmott.
2013 France "Musée national d’histoire naturelle", Paris. Invited by Dr. Emmanuelle Porcher.
2009 USA Rutgers University. New Jersey. Invited by Dr. Rachael Winfree.

Lab visitors

Since I run my own lab I had several former collegues and new collaborators visiting for short periods to work in collaborative projects:

Period Visitor
2017 Mary Berry, UK (Erasmus+, 3 months)
2016 Stijn Van Gils. Nederlands (Super-B Short term mission)
2016 Romina Rader. Australia (1 week)
2016 Ferran Sayol, Spain (1 week)
2016 Simone Fontana, Switzerland (1 week)
2015 Florence Hecq. Irland (Super-B Short term mission)
2015 Rachael Winfree. US (1 week)
2015 Jamie Stavert, New Zealand (3 months)
2015 Kate Mainprice, UK (1 month)
2014 Mark Genung. US (1 week)

Language skills:

  • First Languages: Spanish and Catalan.
  • English: Proficient reading, speaking, and writting.
  • French: Good reading and basic level of speaking and writing.

Informatic and Programming skills:

  • Advanced level informatics (Macintosh & Windows). Proficiency on a wide array of office automation software.

  • Advanced use of R programming language and statistical packages. Git user ( Contributed to R package originr ( abd romdb. Founder and organizer of the R users meetings of Seville.

  • Experience on modelling (i.e. MaxEnt) and writting simulations in R.

  • Knowledge on html language and data base management (MySQL & PHP).

  • Familiarity with GIS (GRASS, Q-GIS).

Other achievements and skills:

  • Adjunt researcher. University of New England, Australia.

  • Volunteer at

  • President of the excursionist group “CampBase” (2002-2005) and regular practice of trail running, orienteering and alpinism.

  • Chess player

  • Driving Car Licence

  • Parent of two kids.

Ignasi Bartomeus Sevilla, 2018-06-29

An automatically updated version of the cv can be found at

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