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firebird_fdw release 1.0.0

@ibarwick ibarwick released this
· 165 commits to master since this release
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firebird_fdw 1.0.0 has been released with following changes:

  • Supports the Firebird BOOLEAN datatype (Firebird 3.0 and later)
  • IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA implementation has been improved:
    • Firebird views can now also be imported (this can be controlled with the new option import_views)
    • verbose option will show which Firebird tables/views are being imported
    • updatable option can be used to control whether all imported tables/views are marked as updatable
    • import_null option determines whether column NOT NULL constraints are included in the definition of imported tables
  • New table option estimated_row_count added
  • Handling of foreign tables defined as Firebird queries has been improved
  • PostgreSQL 11 is supported
  • Code has been adapted to compile against current PostgreSQL HEAD
  • A bug has been fixed where a segfault could occur if not all expected Firebird connection parameters were provided

This release requires libfq version 0.4.0. It is compatible with PostgreSQL versions 9.2 ~ 11.

RPMs are available here: