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require 'em_test_helper'
class TestKeyboardEvents < Test::Unit::TestCase
if !jruby?
module KbHandler
include EM::Protocols::LineText2
def receive_line d
EM::stop if d == "STOP"
# This test doesn't actually do anything useful but is here to
# illustrate the usage. If you removed the timer and ran this test
# by itself on a console, and then typed into the console, it would
# work.
# I don't know how to get the test harness to simulate actual keystrokes.
# When someone figures that out, then we can make this a real test.
def test_kb {
EM.open_keyboard KbHandler { EM.stop }
} if $stdout.tty? # don't run the test unless it stands a chance of validity.
warn "EM.open_keyboard not implemented, skipping tests in #{__FILE__}"
# Because some rubies will complain if a TestCase class has no tests
def test_em_open_keyboard_unsupported
assert true
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