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AIOLOS Middleware Framework

AIOLOS is a middleware framework for dynamic distribution of software components at runtime.

The AIOLOS framework enables a dynamic distribution of applications at runtime time, based on all available resources for an optimal performance. Building on open standards as OSGi, AIOLOS guarantees this optimal use, by means of dynamic service discovery, fine grain monitoring and load balancing at runtime.

AIOLOS can be developed, deployed and run from inside an Eclipse with BNDTools. Currently only Linux and Mac OS X are supported because some UNIX commands are used for building. Windows is untested, but can be used by correctly configuring environment (not documented).

For more information on the AIOLOS framework, see the AIOLOS overview.

For an introductory tutorial on developing, building and running AIOLOS and applications on AIOLOS, click here

The AIOLOS framework is available as open source under the AGPLv3 license.


AIOLOS - framework for dynamic distribution of OSGi bundles at runtime.




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