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(ns noir-blog.models.user
(:require [simpledb.core :as db]
[noir.util.crypt :as crypt]
[noir.validation :as vali]
[noir.session :as session]))
;; Gets
(defn all []
(vals (db/get :users)))
(defn get-username [username]
(db/get-in :users [username]))
(defn admin? []
(session/get :admin))
(defn me []
(session/get :username))
;; Mutations and Checks
(defn prepare [{password :password :as user}]
(assoc user :password (crypt/encrypt password)))
(defn valid-user? [username]
(vali/rule (not (db/get-in :users [username]))
[:username "That username is already taken"])
(vali/rule (vali/min-length? username 3)
[:username "Username must be at least 3 characters."])
(not (vali/errors? :username :password)))
(defn valid-psw? [password]
(vali/rule (vali/min-length? password 5)
[:password "Password must be at least 5 characters."])
(not (vali/errors? :password)))
;; Operations
(defn- store! [{username :username :as user}]
(db/update! :users assoc username user))
(defn login! [{:keys [username password] :as user}]
(let [{stored-pass :password} (get-username username)]
(if (and stored-pass
(crypt/compare password stored-pass))
(session/put! :admin true)
(session/put! :username username))
(vali/set-error :username "Invalid username or password"))))
(defn add! [{:keys [username password] :as user}]
(when (valid-user? username)
(when (valid-psw? password)
(-> user (prepare) (store!)))))
(defn edit! [{:keys [username old-name password]}]
(let [user {:username username :password password}]
(if (= username old-name)
(when (valid-psw? password)
(-> user (prepare) (store!)))
(add! user))))
(defn remove! [username]
(db/update! :users dissoc username))
(defn init! []
(db/put! :users {})
(store! (prepare {:username "admin" :password "admin"})))