Added system bell or custom command upon completion. Allowed to set custom classpath using CLASSPATH #13

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Hi there,

thanks for the great script.

I made some changes that might come in handy. I always had to wait to until the compile was done and wanted to have some kind of notification for that.

Additionally I wanted to place the clojure macro code where I want, so I changed the classpath setting to CLASSPATH since "java -cp" disables the CLASSPATH variable which makes it a log more inflexible.

Unfortunately I had a little problem with the inline version of the watch script. As you might see the cli argument parse code had to be inlined too. It works but is not so nice.
It could also be solved by setting an environment variable but I guess your goal was to have the most easy installation for it.

I would be glad if we could talk about the solution and maybe do some improvements.



Hi ibdknox,

I had the same problem as ghoseb and wanted to remove the default optimization. I have a different solution here by simply removing the default settings for the optimization.

Maybe you want to include one of the solutions. I also added the changes.



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