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reject . in new project names #5

benatkin opened this Issue Feb 5, 2012 · 2 comments

3 participants

benatkin commented Feb 5, 2012

I tried using a dot in a project name (lein noir new and lein run didn't work. After I deleted it and created it with sheet-io as the name (a dash instead of the dot) it worked. Rejecting names containing a dot would help some people who are new to clojure out.

Raynes commented Feb 5, 2012

lein-noir will become a lein-newnew template soon. Could you check if the same problem applies to it and perhaps create an issue there?

ibdknox commented May 2, 2012

lein-newnew'd so as long as it works there, everything should be fine

@ibdknox ibdknox closed this May 2, 2012
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